#FamousInLove Recap: Some Like it Not

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With this episode, I guess we’ll just jump right in.

We open the show with Jake and Alexis in bed, so it’s now confirmed that they have hooked up. Still to be seen how long this will last.  Jake gets back from his trip to the dessert just in time to help Paige celebrate her 21st birthday. The trio is still arguing over Jake’s “relationship” with Alexis and Paige’s, at this point, non-existent relationship with Rainer.

Jordan and Tangey are getting closer, seem to be working out the issues that split them up the first time. But Nina is still in the picture.  We’ll see how Jordan balances the two.  But he’s obviously not giving either up. Her invites Tangey over to the beach house. But we the audience find out that the beach house isn’t so private when a photographer starts snapping pics while the couple is making out by the pool.

Paige starts freaking out a bit when she finds out the big dance number is shooting sooner than originally planned and she is still working on getting the steps. Because of this, she now has rehearsal on her birthday, there go the plans the three had. It also breaks the tenuous truce between Paige and Jake. He’s still convinced it’s all just a big plot by Rainer to sleep with Paige. Kind of funny that he doesn’t seem to see the games Alexis is playing but is all over the “game” that Rainer is.  Hmmm, double standard much?

Alexis get’s the call, Newcastle Studios, a big indie film backer, is interested in Jake’s script. Alexis and Jake have a meeting and Jake is totally falling for Alexis event more.

Jordan finds out that his mom is in jail, and brings it to Nina. She plays like she has no clue about what’s going on. Right after he leaves her office, she opens a package with the pics of Jordan and Tangey from the night before. What plots will this have Nina weaving now?

Tangey and Alexis have a little girl time walking on the pier before their next call time.  They talk about Alexis and Jake’s trip to the dessert, and the script prospects. When the pair stop to buy coffee, Tangy finds out that she’s been cut off and all her accounts have been frozen. Guess she didn’t think about what could happen when you fire your mom/agent.

Tangey and her mom have it out over her finances. Her mom bullies her back into the old arrangement because Tangey doesn’t know all the behind the scenes and her mom threatens to tie things up long enough for Tangey’s career to basically be over.

Paige’s hopes of trying to balance school and the movie get crushed a little bit more when she tries to turn in her econ midterm paper a week late and her professor does not accept it.

Alexis and Jake’s meeting with Newcastle Studios goes well, they want to buy his script. Alexis is super excited and Jake puts a chill on the moment when he passes on celebrating to go be with Paige on her birthday.

Cassie decides she’s not going to leave Paige alone on her birthday, she’s going to go to the dance rehearsal and they’ll celebrate later. When they get to Rainer’s he starts to give them the tour, but oh wait, it’s a surprise party, not a rehearsal.  Paige finds out just how much effort Rainer put into this party when she’s introduced to his party planner. All the dance scene “rescheduling” and extra rehearsing was just a cover for the party. Jake shows up at the party right as everyone is signing happy birthday and Paige and Rainer have a cute moment before she is to blow out her candles. It’s obvious the boy is trying to have his cake and eat it too. You can’t be jealous over a guy when you’re seeing someone else.

Things may not be as peachy as Tangey things with Jordan. After talking about her situation with her mom, the two try and go to a club and when Jordan sees how popular it has become, he doesn’t want to go in. Tangey informs him she is not doing to I’m your little secret routine again and goes in without him. Jordan leaves the club and heads to Nina’s to explain he wants to try and make things work with Tangey. Nina seems to be okay with this choice, but a tear is forming, so maybe she does have a heart…

Tangey leaves the club and goes back to the recording studio to tell her mom off one more time, and this time, she means it. Jake leaves the party to go celebrate with Alexis. Nina invites Tangey’s mom to a little private meeting to coordinate interfering in the lives of their children.

Jordan supports Tangey as she works on separating herself from her mother. Nina’s mom calls to ask when she’s going to tell Rainer who his dad is. Jake does the walk of shame back to the apartment after spending the night with Alexis and finds Cassie had a good night with PA Adam. Paige crashed at Rainer’s, but he was on the couch. They have a nice moment the next morning where he professes that this is different, that she’s different.

And we conclude with Trangey’s mom going to visit Jordan’s mom in jail.

This episode really got away from the bookended feel of the first few episodes. I thought it was fun seeing how the story comes full circle in an episode while still moving the plot forward. The story is wrapping up plot points and doesn’t leave us hanging too badly, but the feel is slightly different from the first 3 episodes. The episode titles also aren’t as on the nose as the frist three. So we’ll see where this takes us.


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