#FamousInLove Recap: “Prelude to a Diss”

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It’s the official first day of filming for LOCKED!

We are learning more and more about how far behind Cassie is in payments for school. Paige gets her first swag back with a $4k gold bracelet she gives to Cassie as a thank you for everything she’s done.

Jordan and Rainer are slowly mending fences, and Jordan honors a long standing tradition of going to the first day of filming on a joint project together.

Paige gets a quick tour of the set and see’s her “chair.” She also finds out the movie budget is $200 million and starting to freak out a bit about the fact that this huge production is all riding on her.

Jordan and Tangey are also starting to rebuild their friendship and trying to not rebuild their romantic relationship. Tangey is also struggling with her music identity. She is not happy singing same old song with just different lyrics. This causes issues with her mom as she pushes Tangey to stick with what her fans know and love.

Rainer asks Paige out on a date while they’re in hair and make-up. He gives her an initial “p”  necklace, his standard gift. Paige rushes out not sure what to say beyond no and giving back the necklace.

Paige finds out she missed a call sheet update, so her first scene has been switched around and has to do a scene she hasn’t learned yet. Things continue to be a little rocky as Paige has to act against a green screen and a tennis ball. Wyatt (Jason Antoon), the LOCKED director, finally hits his limits and blows up a bit at Paige. Not a great way to start the movie.

Rainer and Jordan talk about Rainer asking Paige out. Jordan calls him out about giving the same old gift to Paige if she really is something special. Rainer, I think, finally gets it, he needs to try something new and not just go on autopilot with Paige.

Jake being with Alexis in the dessert and Rainer’s poor attempt at an ask out has Paige trying to figure out what she’s really feeling about both of them.

Tangey and her mom’s business relationship grows tenser. As Tangey rehearses for Conan, her mom’s overbearing side comes out causing Tangey to fill even more frustrated by the path her music career is currently going.  She decides to change it up and go a little country instead of signing the pop song her mom had planned.  This leads to a big falling out between Tangey and her mom and Tangey firing her.

Cassie picks up a new cleaning client to help with the bills. But after she turns down the new client’s inappropriate advances, she’s still short to meet the final notice bill from the school. She pawns the gold bracelet Paige gave her and we find out this isn’t the first thing she’s pawned to help pay the bills.

Paige and Rainer have their first big kiss of LOCKED. Both realize theirs more than just on-screen chemistry as their kiss goes beyond the call of cut. But Paige is probably doing the smart thing in playing hard to get.



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