#FamousInLove Recap: Not So Easy A

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Not So Easy A or How Paige Learns that Balancing Movie Star & Student is Hard.

The episode opens with Paige trying to be studious, she has a plan to get a big paper done for school while balancing the appointments she has for LOCKED. Her plans a quickly dashed when Nina decides that she’s not going to make the balancing act easy. She does try to be helpful by setting up a meeting with an agent, but it’s just another thing to keep Paige away from working on the paper.

Alexis (Niki Koss) is still trying to figure out how to have a relationship. Things were looking up with on again, off again girlfriend Rachel (Katelyn Tarver), but when Alexis decides she still doesn’t want to go public, things quickly go downhill again.

Nina’s stress continues as she has to figure out how to cut $3 million from the LOCKED budget. The new studio boss,  Alan Mills (Shawn Christian), who was also Nina’s boss when she first started in Hollywood, is cracking down and really watching what’s going on with LOCKED.

Jordan’s mystery woman is demanding 50k to keep silent about his past. Seems like what the fans think they know and what the actual truth is are two very different things.

Nina starts to find the budget cuts by guilting Rainer into taking a cut in his pay. She also says she’s going to get the rest of the cast to do the same. Rainer finds out his mom, Nina, is not being totally truthful with him when Jordan drops the news that he didn’t take a pay cut. And that Nina doesn’t think Rainer has the “cred” to headline the movie by himself.  Nina is not going to be winning mother of the year at the rate she’s going.

Jake and Cassie go with Paige to her lunch meeting with Ken, the bigwig agent. Paige’s mind gets slightly blown when she realizes all the commitments she has for the movie, including photo shoots, interviews and more that have already been set up for her. Jake and Cassie try to help out and direct the conversation back to balancing the movie and school, but it’s clear these three are the only ones who want to try and make this work. Ken even tries to flatter Jake by saying he’s going to read Jake’s script.

When the three to go leave after lunch, Jake finds his script in the trash. This was after he promised Paige he’d help with her paper, another blow to their slowly crumbling friendship.  Jake and Cassie help with Paige’s paper doing research and start some of the writing while she’s dealing with fittings, camera tests, and checking out the set.  These make Paige CRAZY late getting back to her paper and causing Jake to not have enough time to work on his pitch.

Paige pulls an all nighter to try and get her paper done before having to go to another photo shoot.  She get’s a fantasy make-over for her latest photo shoot with a killer red dress.

Nina plays her way through another meeting – getting Tangy’s mom/agent to reduce her fee to do the music for LOCKED. Nina is not holding anything back to get the budget cuts she needs.

Jake’s pitch bombs, blowing his chances to get a grant to finance his movie. He also thinks that Alexis blew him off, so because of his run of bad luck, he’s pondering switching majors.

Paige finds out that her blowing off Alexis when she called Jake after the cast party coast Jake another chance to get his movie made. She tries to get Alexis to give Jake another chance, but Alexis makes her work for it, including doing crazy favorites and giving up the epic red dress for the photo shoot.

The photoshoot is a bit of a disaster, Rainer and Jordan keep bickering and stealing each other’s shot. Alexis is doing the same to Paige, then Rachel finds out she got dropped from the movie and is being replaced by Tangy. Rachel blames Alexis, but as we know, it’s all part of Nina’s scheming. (I wonder how all this is going to come back to bite Nina in the butt.)

Any chance Alexis had with Rachel is now totally gone. Alexis comes home to a trashed apartment and a lipstick mirrored note saying it’s over. Alexis’ current situation is just going from bad to worse. But she decides she’s going to turn things around by taking Jake the dessert to work on his script. And this causes a bigger rift between Jake and Paige as Alexis tells him “everything.”

Jordan meets up with the mystery woman to pay her off. He only has half the money, but Nina shows up with the other half and something a little extra. We find out the mystery woman is Jordan’s mom, who’s been blackmailing him for money. Nina sets her up by calling the cops giving her car’s description for swerving in traffic. When the cop checks the bag with all the cash, he also finds drugs.

Paige finally gets a chance to finish her paper, but the deadline has now passed. Rainer happens to stop by and the two talk about Jordan, school and how to fix the situation for both of them. After their talk, Paige confronts Nina, giving her a solution, instead of the continued problem that is staying in school. Nina finally backs down after seeing Paige’s drive to do both.

Jake and Rainer makeup and finally start to build their friendship again.


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