Finn Jones’ Explosive Exit from Game of Thrones Sparks Thoughts on New Role

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Finn Jones’ official behind the scenes Iron Throne pic from Chicago. Picture provided by HBO

Loras Tyrell’s wildfire exit from HBO’s Games of Thrones may have eliminated Finn Jones from the GOT cast, but he’s still helping to promote the Bluray release of Season 6 (out now wherever bluray and DVD are sold).  Jones was the cast guest  for the Chicago Game of Thrones Behind the Scenes promotion held Nov. 26-27 in Grant Park. I had a chance to talk with Jones about moving from one big fandom to another, Loras’ downfall, his hopes for Cersei’s demise and more.

We chatted in the press trailer with some of his mixes playing in the background and had a good talk about his change of approach to the source material from Game of Thrones to Iron Fist.  Jones explained that what he learned from being on GOT and dealing with adaptations is “to not allow myself to be so influenced by the original product. I’ve read some of the [Iron Fist] comics and I’ve been informed and inspired by that world, but I’m not creating my character based on that.”

Jones told me that he had read the Song of Ice and Fire books that GOT is based on and got really involved with that character. Then once he got the scripts, he realized how very different book Loras and TV Loras were. This lead Jones to this very real and important point about adaptations, “I think it’s really important when you’re dealing with adaptations is to just deal with what you have in front of you, the scripts, and to allow that to inform your character choices and your performance.”  He went on to say this about what version of Iron Fist he’ll be portraying. “I’m doing none of them, this is my version, this is the Netflix-Marvel Version.”

Behind the scenes of Finn Jones’ Iron Throne photo shoot at the GOT Behind the Scenes Experience in Chicago

It was really refreshing to talk with someone who I think really gets the spirit of an adaptation and it’s why I love GOT and why I’m excited for Iron Fist. Marvel’s Iron Fist premieres 17 March, 2017 exclusively on Netflix.

We then talked a little bit about what he thinks will happen to Cearie’s fate after she orchestrated Loras’ and most of House Tyrell’s demise. He also gave us a little glimpse into how he thinks the show will end.

“I think she’ll be really evil and really nasty for a while, but then I think she’ll get her comeuppance. I don’t think many people are going to make it to the end. I think ice and fire are going to destroy themselves and I think she’s going to be in the middle of that. She’s going to in the middle of the great [war] and she’s going to get ****ed up because she wasn’t paying attention. She was too busy with her own pursuit of power and she didn’t realize there was a bigger war being fought and she was too busy dealing with her small level politics.”

We concluded our conversation with a couple quick questions. I asked which cast member he wished he could have had a scene with, he responded Alfie Allen. He would have liked to have seen Theon Greyjoy and Loras interact since their characters were so very different. He also shared that he was very lucky to have interacted with so much of the cast, which is not always the case on GOT.

We finished up talking about what he thought Loras’ downfall was, what miss step lead him from being untouchable to imprisoned. Jone’s thought Loras’ arrogance and naiveté where his demise.

Myself and Finn Jones after the interview.

I had a lovely time chatting with Finn Jones. He’s very much one of those guys you could just go and sit at a bar with and chat about anything. He’s very thoughtful and just a good conversation.  Thank you HBO for providing this opportunity.

We’ll have an expanded look at the Chicago GOT Behind the Scenes Experience soon with pics and my thoughts of the Bluray Extras.


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