Witchlight Key Chain Review

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Witchlight Key Chain ReviewWitchlight Key Chain by HebelDesign
Published by Hebel Design on February 20, 2016
Format: jewelry/key chain
Source: Crafter Provided

I received this book/movie for free from the above-listed publisher/studio in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book/movie or the content of my review.

4 Stars

I’ve been a big fan of the products that Viviane produces at Hebel Designs for a long time. So I was super excited when she announced the new witchlight key chain and that she was going to let me test it out and share my thoughts with all of you.

First, if you are not familiar with Hebel Designs, let me introduce you. Viviane started making Cassandra Clare approved metal work and leather jewelry and key chains with the shadowhunter runes and symbols on them. She had family rings, jewelry that Clare includes in the books and other inspired by pieces. Hebel Designs has expanded over the last five or six years to include pieces inspired by other book series including Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha Trilogy and Six of Crows, Julie Kagawa’s Iron Fey, Kiera Cass’ Selection Series and many more.  Her pieces are all from books she loves, so every piece has a little bit of that love in it as well.

Okay, back to the witchlight.

Witchlights in Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter books are these magic stones that power pretty much everything, the electricity for the shadowhunters. Not sure how they power a whole house, we haven’t seen that yet, but on a smaller scale, the characters are able to carry them around and use them as a flashlight whenever they are needed. So Viviane, in all of her amazingness, figured out a way for us mere mundanes to be able to have our own witchlight where ever we may go.

The key chain (available with a standard ring or a pull-apart key chain) is connected to an LED light and then surrounded by a plastic witchlight with an angelic rune stamped in it. The light fits nicely in your hand if you’re ever in the mood to re-enact a scene from the books, or is just great to give off some extra light when needed. The light is activated by tightening the connection (it screws down to turn on, screw up to turn off) and stays together when turned off which is perfect for if you want to use it as a key chain. The light while on also stays cool to the touch and emits a constant glow (no flickering unless you don’t have everything fully engaged). My only real issue with it is when you take the top cap all the way off it’s hard to get it to line up again when the light is fully engaged, and that’s just a stupid little thing. I have not dropped it, so I cannot speak to how well it holds up under those type conditions.  Overall it’s piece of usable and beautiful fandom art.

I did make a little video to show how bright the light is and how it functions.

I hope you’ll head over to Hebel Designs and check out all the awesome stuff she has created and while you’re there snag a witchlight as well.

4 Stars

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