PTB Announces US Author Signing and Event Calendar

Posted February 21, 2016 by Stacey in Blog / 0 Comments

We are SUPER excited to announce that PTB is now hosting an event calendar for readers to find signings, conventions, lit fests and more happening across the US.  You’ll be able to find the calendar on it’s own dedicated page (permanent link in the top menu section of the blog) or in the sidebar of each post.

But we’re only as good as our information. We’ll be updating it at least once a week with any events we see come across social media or our emails, but events can also be submitted to us. Bookstores, authors, agents, publishers, publicists, librarians… can submit events to us as well. We have created a google drive form to make it easy to submit the information.  We do want to keep this YA, so please only submit appropriate events and signings. If you have any questions please email me (stacey (at) pageturnersblog (dot) com).

We hope this will help you, our readers find the events you’re excited about attending. And if you’re not able to attend, we hope this allows you to be able to order all those coveted signed books.  And please feel free to share this information with your favorite authors and bookstores, we want to include as much as we can!

Event Calendar Page

Event Calendar Sidebar


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