New #Allegiant Stills and Poster

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Earlier today, PopSugar released a new Allegiant poster with the tag line “What Makes Us Different Ties Us Together” –  I think this is one of my favorite posters to come out of the series so far. the black and white and graphic nature of it really show Tris’ mentality at this point in the series. Leave a comment letting us know what you think of the poster.

allegiant poster


Lionsgate/Summit also recently announced the Fandom App for Allegiant and shared some new stills. You can download the app onto any android or apple device.  But you don’t have to have the app to see the stills, you can oogle them here!

and one more recently released graphic that ties back in with the poster. Squad Goals seems to be a YA thing that’s spread from fandom to fandom so it’s fun to see it attached to one of our favorite band of truth seekers.

squad goals

(all pics via Divergent series on Facebook)


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