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the 100 S3Some of our favorite stars of The 100 took to the stage at Dragon Con back in September. They teased about season 3 and answered fan questions. Thought it’d be fun to share those teases with you today, the day The 100 is back on the CW.

If you don’t know The 100, here’s the basics:  It’s a TV show based on the Kass Morgan book of the same name. The plot – At some point in the past, like 4 or 5 generations back, the earth went through a nuclear war making it uninhabitable for humans. A select group of people were able to escape to space where they have been living ever since. This space colony has very strict rules and if you break them as an adult you’re floated, sent out into space, if you’re under 18, you get put in jail. Well at the point that we start this story, there are about 100 kids in jail for different offences, the leaders of the colony decide to send them to earth to see if it’s okay for everyone to return. The plan was always to return, but with oxygen levels dwindling, the 100’s “mission” is even more critical. Once the 100 hit earth, then then fun really begins. The 100 find out they are not alone, and human life has continued on Earth. The show has taken different a direction than the books, there are 3 currently out, but the larger themes and story are still there. If you’ve read the books and not seen the show, or are addicted to the show and haven’t read the books, I hope you’ll take a chance on the other media.  Both the show and the books are full of action, diversity, sci-fi awesomeness, and so much more. If you haven’t started binging it on Netflix, GO NOW, and if you haven’t read the books, add them to your shopping cart!

The Guys 2
Ricky Whittle (Lincoln), Christopher Larkin (Monty Green) and Richard Harmon (John Murphy)

Okay, back to DragonCon – three of the stars of The 100, Richard Harmon (John Murphy), Christopher Larkin (Monty Green), Ricky Whittle (Lincoln), took the the stage in dramatic fashion, to answer fan questions and talk about all things The 100.

Season 3 Teases: The panel started out with the moderator asking the guys for S3 teasers, and he  shared one bit of info, asking about the time jump between the end of S2 and the start of S3. The guys didn’t really take the bate on that question, but they did give up this info

  • S3 has the story going back to its sci-fi roots
  • More of the AI story line teased at the end of S2
  • More grounder politics, also hinted at looking at the political dynamic of each of the groups, but didn’t go into much detail, they emphasized the grounder politics.
  • S3 will look back at what happened to cause the “apocalypse” leading to the Earth’s current state
  • New characters will be joining the cast and Richard Harmon is now a series regular.

The talk of season 3 got interrupted with a bit of a hug fest:

far right is the panel moderator

Their favorite scenes to film:

Richard – Favorite seen is Murphy’s first scene of the season, but also loved filming the hanging scene from S1
Christopher – Favorite scene is also in S3 – Monty’s story is starting to grow and is coming into his own as a character, so the best is yet to come.
Ricky – Episode 7 when Octavia is moping up Lincoln’s hand after being tortured by Bellamy and he speaks for the first time.

Other fun bits of information that come out of the fan Q&A:

Christopher loves this hat that Murphy wears that serves no real purpose, but he thinks it’s really cool and keeps trying to sneak it back on.  Ricky like’s baseball hats and will pretty much wear any hat, so don’t take it as a show of allegiance if you see him sporting a team hat.  All three guys agree that they would not last long in the world of The 100, they are kind of lacking the skills needed to survive. The cast likes to hangout on and off set, they all get along really well and all the cast members are talented beyond their acting skills.  Richard made a joke on set about how Murphy probably got put into jail on the space colony because of public urination, but with all joking aside, it’s never really been disclosed why Murphy was in jail and became part of the 100. Ricky thinks that Lincoln fights for the greater good, but would be happy if he could go off alone with Octavia and find piece. And in non 100 related bit of news, Christopher released his debut album in September, you can get more details on his website.

A fan asked Richard what he would like to see from Murphy in S3, Richard responds with that he’d like to see Murphy care about something other than himself. Here’s the video of him answering the question.

Richard Harmon
 Ricky Whittle Christopher Larkin
Richard Harmon (John Murphy), Ricky Whittle (Lincoln) and Christopher Larkin (Monty Green)

Fun Video bonuses:

One fan asked what their go to dance moves are. I got Richard and Ricky’s on video, sadly I missed Christopher’s, which is Irish Dancing (but you can check out a video of it here).  It was a pretty entertaining moment. They guys started providing music for each other, it was great, so enjoy!


Ricky talked about introducing Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia) to Dubsmash. Christopher didn’t know what it was, so Ricky showed off his Dubsmash skills.


Ricky gives a kind of a fun tong in cheek answer to a fan question about what would be his dream stunt on the set of The 100.


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