Allegiant Official Trailer – “Tear Down The Wall”

Posted January 22, 2016 by Stacey in Blog, The Divergent Series / 0 Comments


The latest trailer for Allegiant was posted earlier today on Youtube. It goes beyond the walls of Chicago, and shows that the movies are taking a pretty big left term from the books. I think this is something we were all kind of getting from other teasers and trailers that have come out, but this is the biggest view of the departure we’ve seen so far.

I’m curious enough to see what’s going to happen, I think Lionsgate/Summit has made 2 good movies so far, and the quality of Allegiant looks good even with the plot changes. So I’ll be there, if nothing else to support Veronica and the YA book to Movie world, and to enjoy a movie that was “inspired by” a book series I love.

But let us know what you think in the comments. Will you still go see it March 18th?



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