Bidding #TheHungerGames Goodbye: What the Movies Made Real

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As people look back at book to movie adaptations of books, The Hunger Games Series will be a standard that people look to. They are an amazing set a movies and truly bring the story from book to screen in an amazingly profound way.

As we prepare for the end of this amazing series of movies, lets take a minute to look back at the iconic words that jumped off the page and into cinematic history.

Katniss: Where to start, we live in her head through three books, but because we’re in her head, we don’t get to see her through other people’s eyes, we just get her distorted view of herself. In the movies we get a larger view of Katniss making her a stronger more well rounded character.

Effie Trinket:

Effie Trinket, District 12’s escort, fresh from the Capitol with her scary white grin, pinkish hair, and spring green suit.

~ The Hunger Games page 15 of ebook trilogy edition

The best change from book to movie was keeping Effie in Mockingjay Part 1 to help Katniss become “The Mockingjay” She’s a character that’s pretty flat in the books, yes she has some good one liners and is the first face from the Capitol that we meet and we kind of already hate because she’s from the capitol. But movie Effie, she’s an amazingly complex and well created character. Elizabeth Banks and the screen writer and directors make her a character that is loved and shows the humanity of the Capitol. The look of heartbreak on her face during the second reaping for the 75 Hunger Games is tragic and heart breaking and shows Effie’s growth in a single moment.

 The Capitol: 

The train finally begins to slow and suddenly bright light floods the compartment. We can’t help it. Both Peeta and I run to the window to see what we’ve only seen on television, the Capitol, the ruling city of Panem. The cameras haven’t lied about its grandeur. If anything, they have not quite captured the magnificance of the glistening buildings in a rainbow of hues that tower into the air, the shiny cars that roll down the wide paved streets, the oddly dressed people with bizarre hair and painted faces who have never missed a meal. All the colors seem artificial, the pinks too deep, the greens too bright, the yellows painful to the eyes, like the flat round disks of hard candy we can never afford to buy at the tiny sweet shop in District 12.

~ The Hunger Games pg 40 ebook trilogy edition

The Capitol is based in a world we know, but is SO beyond anything that we could ever really imagine, and yet the creators of the movies have totally brought the Capitol to life. Everything from the crazy hair and make-up to the lavish life stiles shown at the Victor’s Party at President Snow’s palace, everything is larger than life and perfect.

Behind the Scenes of the Hunger Games:

Because the books are told in a first person narrative totally from Katniss’ point of view, we don’t  really know what’s going on behind the scenes during the Hunger Games.We know who’s doing color commentary of the games during their broadcast because of Katniss’ having watched the games in the past. So she tells us what she thinks is going on, but they are just guesses. The movies totally bring this to life with showing Seneca Crane and President Snow during moments that Katniss could never know anything about. It totally rounds out the movie and I’m SO glad they chose to include this viewpoint in the movies.

Rue’s Whistle: 

I’m usually up highest, so I’m the first to see the flag that signals quitting time. There’s a special little song I do,” says Rue. She opens her mouth and sings a little four-note run in a sweet clear voice

~ The Hunger Games, page 132 of ebook trilogy edition

These simple words “a little four-note run” were totally brought to life by the movie. Without these movies, they would have stayed those simple words, but they now have life and have been totally transformed.

The Hanging Tree Song:

I have not sung “The Hanging Tree” out loud for ten years, because it’s forbidden, but I remember ever word. I begin softly, sweetly, as my father did.

“Are you, are you
Coming to the tree
Where they strung up a man they say murdered three.
Strange things did happen here
No stranger would it be
If we met up at midnight in the hanging tree.”

It’s a hauntingly moving song, but without melody it is stuck on the page. Jennifer Lawrence’s haunting rendition of the song as crafted by composer James Newton Howard totally brings The Hanging Tree to a whole new level.

These are just a few of the ways the international best selling book was transformed and brought to life by the world box office hit movies. The Hunger Games is a perfect example of what can happen when a beloved book gets the right treatment and its world is expanded and made better by a movie.

Lionsgate just put out this awesome featurette talking about the phenomenon that is The Hunger Games. It’s a great look back that propels us forward into Mockingjay Part 2


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3 responses to “Bidding #TheHungerGames Goodbye: What the Movies Made Real

  1. Urgh! Just one little mistake here. "We live in her head through four books" there are four movies but just three books. Otherwise I couldn't agree more that this has to be one of the best book to film adaptations I have ever seen! I thouroughly love both the books and the movies!

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