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The day has finally arrived! It is Feb 20th and The DUFF is at a theater near you! Pixie and I have both now seen it and we’re VERY excited to finally be able to tell you what we think.  If you missed any of our DUFF posts (including the giveaways!) check them out using our The DUFF Movie Tag
Our Reviews:

This is definitely an adaptation that fans of the book can be proud of. It keeps the witty sarcastic no holds bar attitude that totally drew me into book. And because of that, I’m okay with the fact that it’s not a 100% word for word book to movie adaptation.

The other big thing I loved about the book The DUFF is all the great one liners and quotes, (see our Read the DUFF Posts) and the movie hold to that as well. The quote graphic on the side is one of my favorites. The screen play writing totally lives up to Kody’s writing and it stands on it’s own and is totally brought to life by some great acting.

The movie overall is a great look at being a teen today. There are so many new issues like cyber bullying and sharing your life through social media that’s not addressed in the classic teen movie because it wasn’t a thing. So I love that The DUFF brings in this new reality in such a classic teen movie kind of way. So if you’re a fan of John Hughes movies, She’s All That, Easy A, Mean Girls and the other epic teen classics, you’ll enjoy The DUFF.

What to know what the professionals are thinking? The Wrap has a review round up (full review), EW has their B- review up and Vulture calls it a classic! Overall I’ve seen pretty positive reviews, so WOOT, congrats to Kody and the whole DUFF crew for an awesome movie! 
And now, some other DUFF Fun. Features, interviews and reviews of and for the movie are hitting the web. Here’s a recap of what’s out there:

First up the NYC Premiere: Kody recaps the NYC red carpet premiere that happened earlier this week. Just Jared has some great pics from the NYC premiere HERE and Lainey Gossip has some pics of Robbie and May at the premiere, 

The DUFF Cast & Kody –
Just Jared Photo credit

If you missed any of The DUFF Clips or trailers you can watch them on our DUFF Youtube playlist. The list also includes both of Kody’s recap videos.

Kody talks about her Wall Street Journal Live interview in her vlog recap.  You can see the video and check out the transcript HERE.

Kody Talks to Yahoo Movies about her time on the set of The DUFF

“It was one of the most cool and surreal days of my life,” she told Yahoo Movies. “I’m someone who sleeps in, and I couldn’t sleep past 8. I was so excited and so nervous.”

The Wrap interviews Kody, Mae and Robbie about the movie and what teen classic would they remake. (video and article)

The author herself thinks “The Breakfast Club” could do with an update.

“I love that movie and it holds up so well, but the cliques are a little different now,” Keplinger said, who added she’d have the most fun playing the Ally Sheedy character.

Teen Vogue interviews Kody about  writing the book at 17 and the movie.

“I left the first showing wanting to see it again,” she says. “I really enjoyed it as an audience member. Teen comedies are easily my favorite genre of movie.”

People.com has a video feature with the cast talking about the “mean girl” character, Madison, in the movie.

“She thinks it’s funny,” [Bella] Thorne, 17, explains of her character’s cruel jabs. “She thinks it’s cute and that it will get her someplace.”

TooFab has a video interview with Robbie Amell, Mae Whitman and Bella Thorne talking about the awkward hallway makeout scene.

“It was about halfway through [our makeout scene] and I was like ‘It would be pretty funny it you slapped me,'” Amell says. “Bella was like ‘YEAH it would!’ First time, she hit me so hard, it was like ‘Fight Club.’ She hit me right in the ear. Who hits in the ear?!”

Buzzfeed talks to Mae Whitman about The DUFF, here career and the personal connection she found with the movie’s themes.

While Whitman does not consider herself overweight or unattractive, neither does The DUFF: After the titular term is introduced, it’s quickly established that being seen as the “designated ugly fat friend” is more a state of mind than a physical state of being. But Whitman is relieved to see the target audience for the film has such a harsh response to the term. “A lot of people have a really strong reaction to hearing the name, and they should — it’s a brutal name,” she said. “But so is every name that kids get called in high school.”

Moviepilot has a fun video up on their Facebook page. It’s a cool montage of The DUFF LA Premiere.

Can’t get enough Wesley? Hollywood Life has a Wesley filled video feature with Robbie Amell talking about Wesley.


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