Torn Review

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Title: Torn
Author: K.A. Robinson
Publish Date: May 7th 2013 by Atria Publishing

Chloe hasn’t had the best life. With a mother who is gone more often than not, she has had to raise herself. After graduating high school, she leaves to start a new life away at West Virginia University with her best friends Amber and Logan, determined to leave her demons in the past.

On her first day, she meets a stranger who takes her breath away at first sight. Until she met Drake, no one had ever sparked her interest. Now this tattooed and pierced bad boy is all she can think about, no matter how hard she fights it.

Falling for Drake was never part of her plans, but when it happens, things seem to do anything but fall into place.

Dealing with a tragic past, Drake has never cared about anyone else but himself and his band. But when Chloe takes the empty seat next to him in class, things start to change. Instantly drawn to her, he begins to wonder if one girl can take a cold hearted womanizer and change every part of him?

Long hidden feelings are revealed and friendships tested to the brink.

Torn is the first of K.A. Robinson’s work that I’ve read, and while there were some seriously sexy scenes, I don’t think I’ll continue with the series. I’m not against stories with unhealthy relationships (although I’m not okay with actual unhealthy relationships), and I can admit they make for good reading. What bothered me so much about this story, even though I enjoyed reading it, was the cheating. Chloe is best friends with Logan who is in love with her and she’s just never recognized it. Chloe meets Drake in college and is instantly overwhelmed by his bad boy persona that she gets herself into all these tricky and dramatic situations. Chloe goes back and fourth between her obsession with Drake and her guilty confusion with Logan. She has romantic scenes with both of them, but with Logan they seem tame, and almost boring. With Drake, you can tell they have tons of chemistry, but when it comes down to it, I can’t stand the cheating. Chloe can’t make up her mind, and I understand her not wanting to hurt her best friends feelings, but fooling around with each of them behind each other’s backs is terrible and I did not respect Chloe as our main character at all.

I liked the dynamic between Chloe wanting to explore as much as possible, but not the way she went about it. She can’t make up her mind and she hurts both Drake and Logan when they find out what she’s been doing. I had to finish the story to see how it would end, but looking back on it, I don’t think I really enjoyed the story as much as I worried and became anxious while reading it. I wanted to believe Chloe could be a better character than her actions portrayed her, but she wasn’t willing to own up to her mistakes when she should have and that ruined it for me.

I’m giving this 3 leaves because I finished it, I enjoyed the romantic scenes, and also because I felt sympathetic towards the love interests and would have liked to see that they each got a female character that was worth their affections.

My Over All Rating: 

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