Pretty Little Dreams Blog Tour Q & A with Pyper

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Pyper is funny, loyal and a red head.

She has all the qualities a girl would want in a BFF. So when we had the chance to interview a character, she was the only one I wanted to interview.

What is the one “must have” every girl needs from the Spa?

 A manicure! Every girl feels pretty with manicured nails. I guarantee hands down after a manicure a woman will find herself talking more with her hands!                                  

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Supernatural. I can’t get enough of Dean and Sam! I don’t admit that to many people though. It’s a guilty pleasure Olivia and I keep to ourselves. Luke knows about it. He teased me once asking if I had action figure dolls to go with the show, what he doesn’t know is that I would TOTALLY buy them if there were!

Did you ask for the video surveillance from Olivia’s trip to the Army Surplus Store?

Oh my gosh! I totally should! I bet you that PI of Luke’s could get it. If not, no doubt my dad could pull a few strings. Imagine the things I could blackmail Olivia with if I had that under lock and key! I could totally make her my bitch!

Favorite Wine?

Rosa Regale. It’s a sparkling red wine, kind of like me. Ha! See what I did there?

Can you tell us 3 things that Olivia hasn’t told us about you?

1. I really want a kitten but I’m extremely allergic. I thought about getting a hairless cat because come on, they need love too but no, I just can’t do it. I mean, it takes a special person to love one of those.

2. I am envious of the love between Luke and Olivia. I’m happy for her, don’t get me wrong, but I would love nothing more than to find the perfect someone that is the other half of my soul. I’m just not sure about the whole having a family thing though.

3. I am a product whore, my bathroom is FULL of various creams, lotions and potions from the spa. I love that vendors send me samples of all kinds of things! One of the bonuses of owning my own spa for sure!

Photo – Emma Stone – which is who Jennifer Miller says she pictures as Pyper. I found the image at Design Next.


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