Autumn Rose Review

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Title: Autumn Rose
Author: Abigail Gibbs

Publish Date: 1/28/14 Harper Collins

Autumn Rose has the chance to save the world she loves. But how much will she have to sacrifice?
Autumn Rose lives in a sleepy seaside town, but buried deep under the surface of her quiet life are dark secrets. Her grandmother is dead, murdered eighteen months ago, and the vibrant London social scene in which she was brought up is a world away. Even worse, at her new school she is shunned and condemned––all because of the swirling marks on her skin that prevent her from blending in with the crowd.
Then the appearance at her school of a handsome young man—who has the same curious markings as Autumn—sends her world into turmoil. Suddenly the marks are deemed cool, and Autumn is thrust into the limelight. But her sudden popularity brings danger as her secrets threaten to come to light. And then there are her recurring dreams about a girl who is about to be seduced by a very dark prince . . . and Autumn must figure out how to save her before it is too late.

It took me a couple chapters to get into the book, but once I was thoroughly involved with the characters, I could not put it down. I absolutely love the world Gibbs has created. I had not read the first book in the Dark Heroine series, so I was not sure what to expect, but the stories are expertly woven and I was able to put the pieces together.

Autumn is a quiet, unassuming protagonist in the beginning of the book. I think that is why I had a hard time getting into the story. I was hoping for a really dynamic female character and at first, she didn’t seem to be that girl. As the story progresses though, Autumn comes into her own and is more than I expected. She is faced with bullying by other students in her school, but also at home. Her own mother is less than supportive of who she is. Autumn is a Sage and a protector of humans within the rules of the system she lives in. She feels alone and while she has some friends, most are afraid of her because they don’t understand her.

When Fallon comes to her school, everything about her that was strange is suddenly intriguing because he is a Sage, as she is, and because he is hot and royalty, Autumn is now interesting too.

She pushes against him and what he stands for because he reminds her of her grandmother who was murdered not long ago. She believes he and his family know why and how it happened and she doesn’t trust him. As a result, he has to tread carefully to earn her trust and that of her father. Fallon has been in love with her since they were children and wants only to keep her safe. Autumn is also a Seer and her gift is highly coveted by another group out to ruin everything she stands for.

This book is full of interesting twists and turns. There is court intrigue, romance, suspense, mystery and a female protagonist who is amazing. The chapters are primarily from Autumn’s point of view, but Fallon has his voice heard as well and he is a strong character in his own right.

I loved the book and am going back to read the first in the series, The Dark Heroine: Dinner With a Vampire, which covers the story of Violet Lee. I can’t wait to get started on it! There will be a third book based on the ending Gibbs left us with and I hope the wait is not too long for that. This author is 19 and has an amazing talent. Looking forward to more from her!

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