#YACrushTourney – YA Sisterhood & PTB are teaming up to host the Debut Boy Nominations!

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Today is the day – The nominations for the 3rd annual YA Crush Tourney begin. To help lighten the load YA Sisterhood asked 4 bloggers to help out with the nominations. As you can see PTB is handling the 2012-2013 Debut Boys. 

Define Debut Boy – The debut category will include any author whose very first novel came out in either 2012 or 2013.  Please double check your nominations as any vote for a crush that isn’t a debut will be thrown out.  Again, this is the author’s first novel, not just their first YA novel.

A Note from YA Sisterhood:

Rules for the YA Sisterhood Crush Tourney 2013 


  • YA only (No NA, No Middle Grade, No Adult, NO EXCEPTIONS) The lines between MG/YA/NA will be more clearly defined in the definitions of the categories. 
  • Previous winners of the tournament are ineligible to participate. Jace(MI) Adrian(VA)
  • You can nominate 6 crushes from each category on the specified blogs. We will take the top 6 from each category. If a crush makes it into the top 6 of more than 1 category, he will be placed in the category in which he received the most votes.
  • After the nominations are complete, we will have a wild card vote. The 7th-9th places in each category will be taken, and we will have a vote off on YA Sisterhood to determine the final 4 spots in the tournament. This will leave us with a 28 seed tournament with the 1st crush in each category getting a bye in the first round.
  •  This year we’re limiting it to 1 character per author in the tournament. You can still nominate more than 1 character from an author. However, once nominations are finalized, if more than 1 character is nominated from an author, we will only take the character with the highest votes. We realize that this might upset some of you because you love many characters, some of which are written by the same author. But the goal of this tournament has always been to introduce new books and new characters to readers, so we want to share the love. So you’ll have to decide which team you’re on, and make your votes count. 
  •  This year, advocate sign-ups will be after nominations, May 28th – June 1st. (more on advocates will come later)
  •  Keep it clean. Keep it respectful. We have no problem banning you from the tourney. We’ve had MAJOR drama issues in the past, and even though we swore we weren’t going to do another tourney, we’re back because we love books and we love authors and we love you. But PLEASE… this time… let’s leave the hate and drama at the door.

DISCLAIMER: We reserve to add or adjust any rules as needed during the tournament.

Don’t forget to nominate in the other categories.

Many crushes will fit in multiple categories!!! You may vote for them in multiple categories if you would like, but keep in mind that we will only take the Top 6 in each category. Be strategic. If you have a crush that has a better chance of making it in one category than the other, then rally support for people to vote for that crush in a specific category. Use Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr–anything and everything to spread the word about your man! Keep in mind that Speculative Fiction is by far the largest category, so the most competition will be seen in that category!

Tweet away but Remember to use the Hashtag:  #YACrushTourney

Top 10 boys so far:

Kaidan – Sweet Evil – 163                 Cole Everneath- 41
Perry – Under the Never Sky – 85      Dante – The Collector -41
Noah – Pushing the Limits -78          Jack – Everneath -35
Tristan – Shark Bait -65                      Morphius – Splintered 30
Maxon – The Selection – 59             Jase – My Life Nife Next Door-25
                                                     The Darkling- Shadow & Bone -25



Leave us a comment – We want to know about your favorite debut crushes. 

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6 responses to “#YACrushTourney – YA Sisterhood & PTB are teaming up to host the Debut Boy Nominations!

  1. Yay! I'm so excited for this! Really like the structure you girls have set out this year, especially the debut author category! It gives our beloved indie authors a bit more of a fighting chance!
    Happy (almost) Tourney Time Ladies! =D

  2. Anonymous

    Kaidan – Sweet Evil

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Sweet Evil and Sweet Peril!!! Kaidan is book candy…he gets my vote!!! Thanks to Wendy, for writing such AMAZING book! Also, creating the sexiest book boyfriend ever!!!!

    Sam C.

  3. yayyyy kaiden is in the lead with 120 com on if you have a kaiden crush go vote!!hope he wins sweet evil was awesome and sweet peril was just amazing got some really hot kaiden scenes whats there not to like com team kaiden VOTE VOTE VOTE!GOOD LUCK to every one else i just a huge kai fan so don't mind the pressure!!

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