The Monster Apocalypse Review

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Title: The Monster Apocalypse

 Author: Brian Rowe

Publish Date: Published December 3rd 2012 by CreateSpace


Do you like ghosts? Or witches? Or aliens? Or werewolves? They’re all here… just in time… for the Monster Apocalypse!

Brin Skar thought she defeated the vampires, and she thought she escaped the zombies, but as it turns out… the horrors have just begun.

When Brin learns that Droz has kidnapped Paul, as well as her own mother, she decides her only choice is to return to Bodie Ghost Town. Joined by Ash, Anaya, Mr. Barker, and others, she sets out to destroy the evil clan leader… in the grisliest showdown of all.

Here it is… the final epic chapter of the Grisly High trilogy!

The Monster Apocalypse combines humor and gore to the entertaining adventure.

 Brin and her friends are still trapped in the Grisley High School by the Zombies. With the help of Mr. Barker, they escape the school and learn that Brin’s mom Tessa, and Paul have been kidnapped by Droz. They have no choice but to go back to the Ghost Town Brodie, where it all started, to rescue them, knowing that they are walking into a trap.

 Paul is waiting in a cell for his torture and immediate death. He has no knowledge that Brin, Ash, Anaya, and friends are on their way. Paul is shocked when to surprising vampires come to take him to the stage.

 This story is action pact from beginning to end. You have the vampires from the first installment, the zombies from the second installment, and other monsters are introduced to bring them all together. The characters all have their quirky humor on how to deal with the situations, and Anaya is the one that cracks me up the most. The story is still filled with zombie gore. The added monsters are not quite what you expect them to be. I loved the twists that kept popping up to keep your attention trapped into the story. It’s a fun easy read and you should really give this series a try.

My Over All Rating:

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