How You Can Participate in the Inauguration

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The 57th Presidential Inauguration starts today with the big public affair tomorrow.  W thought we’d help you  find places to watch all the pomp and circumstance and if you’re in the D.C. area, how you can attend the events.

  • The District of Columbia webpage has a map and other information about how you can visit D.C. and view the parade in person.
  • The official White House web page has a timeline of events, and other information about the significance of the day and more!
  • CNN Money has a complete list of how you can view the Inauguration online, including the private ceremony happening today – if you want to watch today’s ceremony  head over to CSPAN NOW, they’ve been covering it since 10:30 ET and with the swearing in happening at 11:50 ET.  

But if you’re just in it for the fashion that will be on display that night at all the balls, we got a little something for you too.  The Smithsonian has an exhibit of the First Ladies gowns from that were warn at the first ball of the night.  Check out the interview with the curator on NPR’s Here & Now (it also has a slide show of pics) and check out the video below.


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