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The Drake Chronicles are a fun filled action packed series that I’ve been in love with since book one, Hearts at Stake, and with the series about to come to an end, we’re excited to be part of this fun little hunt that’s going on!

There’s plenty of hunting going on in the Drake Chronicles by Alyxandra Harvey! And with the last book in the series, Blood Prophecy, coming out Alyx & Co. thought they’d let you do some hunting of your own. In fact these past two weeks you might have seen some quote cards flying around. Have you been collecting them?

If not, you still have time to collect the ones already out. Then come back to this blog and the other 4 blogs to collect the last cards remaining. We have exclusive content from the characters in the series just for you! In the letters or poems or journals from these characters you’ll find links to the rest of the quote cards. Collect the cards we’ve already posted, the ones hidden in the letters and email them to Alyx at alyxandraharvey (at) yahoo. ca to be entered to win a Kindle Fire.

Confused? Want to play? Check out the details on Alyx’s website!

Alyxandra is also giving away a set of signed books and other goodies.


  • US and Canada Only 
  •  Must be 13 years of age 
  •  Contest for Kindle Fire ends Monday Dec 10th. 
  •  For the set of books it ends Dec 17th

To buy the books or pre-order Blood Prophecy:

And for a limited time Hearts at Stake will be $0.99 as an ebook from Nook (keep checking back, should be $0.99 soon) and Kindle.

Pick up the first copy and join us at the end of January for a video chat with the author!

Today we have a poem from one of the characters, Christobel. Enjoy and good luck finding the rest of the quote cards:

a constellation of hearts: on becoming a vampire
a poem by Christabel

there are a hundred hearts
in the woods,
beating under moss and mountain
and shooting from tree to tree like stars,
trailing tiny sounds like cosmic dust.
the deep thrum of the owl’s heart, slow and hungry,
the patter of the rabbit,
the mischievous dance of coyote;
louder than rain and the autumn thunderstorm
that shakes the branches bare.
every step I take shifts tiny universes
hidden under the roots;
underground rivers, beetles and spiders and
moles searching for the dark quiet,
a hunt I can now understand in a way
I never could have
before my own heart fell silent,
silent enough that I can even hear yours
though it too, is silent
as the sky
and the stones.
they have their own way of telling stories,
as we do,
soft and cold as snow
forever suspended, beautiful but stark.
they say there are drums being played in the caves,
leading us to each other
when the silence is too much to bear.
I will map these hearts like stars.
the precise flutter of a crow,
worms sliding slowly through the half-frozen soil,
deer in a bed of wilted grass,
a wolf howling for its mate or its mother.
there are still secrets here,
it is only that now I know exactly where they are hiding,
if not the language they speak.
and I know exactly where you are too,
even where you are not here.
you are another map in this strange new country
where the dead walk,
and the sun has grown arrows and spears, and teeth sharp as swords.
it is enough that when the hundred hearts
are horses threatening to trample me,
you are there,
a silent constellation
in a dark sky
that is close enough
to touch.

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