#BIR2012 From What I Remember by Stacy Kramer & Valerie Thomas: Author Interview & Giveaway!

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From What I Remember is a fun, flirty action packed roller coaster ride. It reads like a movie; think John Hughes movie meets The Hangover. One of my favorite facets of this story is although it is a fun read, it does touch base with some very personal family issues. 

  • From What I Remember reads like a movie – which I loved; do you think your screen writing background plays a role into your book writing style?

Our screenwriting background in script writing definitely plays a large role in the way in which we conceive of books and execute them. Although it’s not something that we actively or even consciously do, we’ve both spent so much time reading and writing screenplays that the influence is inevitable. We both like active plots that move quickly, which is something that comes from film, without a doubt, and we approach each scene in our books from a visual perspective as well as an emotional, character-driven perspective. And our hope is that the dialogue in our books is distinctive and punchy, much like it has to be for film.

  • On your blog it mentions that Valerie is working on a screenplay for your middle grade novel Karma Bits – is there a possible screen play in the works for From What I Remember?

Sadly the screenplay for KARMA BITES never panned out. We met with Disney about the book and came very close to signing a deal with them, but it didn’t happen…which is one of the reasons we love the book world. We seem to have more control over our work than we ever did in the film world. However, FROM WHAT I REMEMBER has been optioned by Paramount Pictures for film, and the screenplay is being written by a great screenwriter – Jeff Roda. We have not seen a draft yet, but cannot wait. It was a little hard to allow someone else to adapt our book, but we are hoping that he will bring some new insights to the property that we couldn’t  being so close to it. Nothing would make us happier than to see the book up on the screen.

  • There are a lot of different approaches to co writing – how do y’all handle who writes what? How do you keep it all organized?

People often ask us how we write together, but for us it’s always been a very easy process – not the writing, but the co-writing!! We begin projects by talking, a lot, trying to pound out the structure of a story, figure out what the themes are, who the characters are, how it all plays out. We create a loose scaffolding from which we can work and then one of us begins to write. They write a few chapters and then pass it back to the other, who rewrites those chapters. At some point we switch so that we are taking turns writing the original material. We pass the work back and forth so many times, rewriting each time, that by the time we have a finished draft it’s been reworked dozens of times. We try to create a consistent voice, but part of the appeal of writing with a partner is that we bring different things to the table and hopefully the books benefit from that. There are times when we disagree, but it’s always a healthy, robust debate, and we have yet to come to blows. At the heart of our collaboration is a strong friendship and a great deal of respect for one another. As for organization, that’s never been a huge issue for us. We both keep the same files on our computers, so if one of us loses track of something the other one has it. And we constantly rename and resave updated drafts so we can keep track of what the most recent work is.

  • Y’all have another book Surface Burn coming out in 2013 – can you describe it for us in 5 words?

SURFACE BURN is: suspenseful, romantic, exotic, unexpected, and shocking!!!

  • So far all your books have been co written – are you planning on writing a solo book any time soon?

We both have other work that we do apart from our books. Stacy is still writing film and television scripts, and Valerie is currently writing and co-producing a documentary. But we have no plans to write books separately, at least at this point. There may come a day when one or both of us wants to try our hand writing a book solo, but we enjoy writing together so much and have had a good measure of success doing it, so we won’t change that any time soon.

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17 responses to “#BIR2012 From What I Remember by Stacy Kramer & Valerie Thomas: Author Interview & Giveaway!

  1. This is such a hard question! Let's go with…The Amazing Spiderman and Step Brothers. Why am I picturing something insanely hilarious with that mash up?

  2. Hmmmm… actually the best mash up I can think of is Angel (the TV show, and yes, without Buffy) and Dead Like Me (another TV show with a movie).

    I like that idea so much, I might have to write it. =)

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. I think Pride and Prejudice and Knight and Day would work together. It could sort of be a Knight and Day story in regency England. Couldn't you see Knight as the aristocratic and prideful Darcy and Cameron Diaz's role as Elizabeth Bennett? 🙂

  4. This book sounds like the kind of mash up I would enjoy. It sounds hilarious! I so want to read this! Thanks for the chance! Happy Holidays!

    Mean Girls & The Rundown…could be fun! 😉 Terminator & Transformers, Narina & Tropic Thunder… There are so many things that could make real interesting mash ups 😉

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