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Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter was one of those books that had me curious from the moment I heard about it.  I’ve never read the Alice stories, so I came in to the story with no expectations other than for a fun fresh zombie story and that’s what I got.  I thoroughly enjoyed this story, read our review HERE, and I can’t wait to read Through the Zombie Glass and see where this story goes!  We hope you enjoy this interview with Gena and much as we did!

1. Because Alice in Zombieland is a retelling of Alice in Wonderland, how did you decide what aspects of Alice in Wonderland you would keep and what parts of the story you would make totally original?
GS: To me, Alice in Zombieland isn’t a retelling but a reimagining. I took the idea of a curious girl falling into a strange, new land, and twisted it. My Alice loses her entire family in a car crash—causing her to fall into a spiral of pain and sorrow—and soon comes to realize there’s an invisible world in operation all around her. A world populated by evil monsters, and the kids who slay them. As she navigates this strange new world, learning to fight the evil, she makes friends with a sexy bad boy and a fluffy pit bull of a girl who maybe kinda sorta share similar traits with beloved characters from Alice in Wonderland.

2. The zombies in Alice in Zombieland are very different from the mindless zombies of current pop culture, what research did you do to create their unique format and can you give a brief description of your zombies?
GS: The zombies in Alice in Zombieland are spirit beings corrupted by evil. They hunger for what they lost—life, happiness, integrity—and they will destroy anyone to get it, especially the slayers out to kill them (again). I researched absolute good and absolute evil, and pulled from both. Go Team Good!

3. How many books will be in the White Rabbit Chronicles and can you give us a 3 word sneak peek at book 2, Through the Zombie Glass?
GS: Right now, there are only the two books contracted. Alice in Zombieland, and Through the Zombie Glass. As for a 3 word sneak peek…let’s see…how about…

Darkness takes over.


Light must shine.


Ali. Kicks. Butt.

4. A great romance requires a great leading man, what characteristics do you think needs to be there for him to be “great” or is it different for each guy?

GS: In stories, I’m partial to the alphas. I like that rough and tough exterior—only to watch the guy melt for the right girl. I also like to peel back the layers and see a heart that beats bravery, kindness, and even ferocity. Different traits work for different book guys, but at the end of the day, each one needs to be the kind of guy who will shield a girl with his own body, and die for her if necessary. He’s what every girl wants, but only one can have. He’s beautiful (to her) and smart and he can make you her when no one else can. He knows what she needs and he isn’t afraid to give it to her–or to get it for her. He can take care of himself, and enjoys taking care of her. Quite simply, he’s everything she needs.

5. If you could attend to attend a “Zombieland” Mad Hatter Tea, who would you want to have tea with?
GS: You know, I’d LOVE to throw a Mad Hatter Tea for my editor and readers. Oh, my gosh, the fun we would have! In fact, that’s an amazing idea for the release of the second book, Through the Zombie Glass. Maybe something can be arranged…


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20 responses to “#BIR2012 Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter Interview & Giveaway

  1. Honestly my extended family from both my parents sides are crazy people. Put them all together and it would be one very noisy, crazy tea party.

    Thanks for the awesome author interview, always enjoy those! And for the awesome giveaway!

  2. I'd love a bunch of insane but awesome authors, like Maureen Johnson. The Harry Potter cast, especially Daniel Radcliffe, would be welcomed as well.

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