Cover Crazy: Starling

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Cover Crazy is a weekly meme started by Tawni at The Book Worms and is now being hosted by Page Turners! 

This week I am crazy about…

Starling by Lesley Livingston (HarperTeen is currently offering a giveaway to Goodreads Members, click the title for info)

This cover has the look and feel of a lot of Harper covers lately, but it’s also very striking.  It has me wanting to look at it more and more as I discover new things in the picture.  I love that it feels creepy and mysterious.  I also like the city in the background and the fog, makes you wonder what’s going on here.  

“Love is just the beginning… of the end.”

Mason Starling is a champion fencer for Gosforth Academy, but she’s never had to fight for her life. Until now. When a ferocious storm rips through Manhattan and unleashes terrifying creatures onto Gosforth’s campus, Mason barely escapes alive. Without help from the mysterious stranger who appeared in the midst of the storm, she might not have made it at all. But now, in the aftermath, Mason’s life begins to spin dramatically, mystically out of control, and the only one who seems able to help her is the stranger who can remember nothing but his name: Fennrys Wolf.

As Mason and Fenn uncover more about Fenn’s past and the strange events that surround them, they realize that Mason’s family — and its dark allegiance to the ancient Norse gods — is at the center of everything. A predetermined fate seems to be closing in on Mason, but is it possible to change one’s destiny?

Readers who fell in love with Lesley Livingston’s Wondrous Strange trilogy and those who love Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series will be captivated by the sweeping romance and pulse-pounding action of Starling.

Tell us what cover you’re crazy about this week! 

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One response to “Cover Crazy: Starling

  1. I know what you mean. It seems a lot of the Harper books lately have the same old cover with their cover models, though like you said, this one is very striking. Love it.

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