2012 Debut Author Spotlight: Q&A with Prince Kai

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Prince Kai, from Cinder’s book trailer

It’s always exciting to entertain royalty, and today we none other than His Royal Highness Prince Kai, heir to the Eastern Commonwealth in Marissa Meyer’s New York Times bestseller (congratulations Marissa!), Cinder.

PTB: You have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders (ongoing negotiations with The Lunars, keeping research for a cure for letumosis going and not to mention your father’s illness) and you handle it all well. Is there anything you fear?

Prince Kai: I have more fears than is probably safe to share in a public interview, but mostly I worry that I won’t live up to the expectations that the people of the Commonwealth have of me.

PTB: Just the fact that you voiced that concern will make you a great leader. But Prince Kai, I want to discuss something a bit lighter and more personal. You may not know this, but PTB girls love to dance and we hear that there will be a ball given in your honor. If you were to ask us to dance that night, what would we talk about while dancing?

Prince Kai: I’m actually rather fond of dancing myself (all those years of dance instruction have been good for something at least). But I tend to be curious and interested in other people, despite how distracted I’ve been with everything happening in the kingdom lately, so expect lots of questions directed your way. As long as it isn’t more tedious politics, I’m open to any topic.

PTB: I think we may be able to think of a few non-political topics. One thing we’ve noticed, your Highness is that you have a wonderful sense of humor and we do love our share of snarky boys, so what three words would you use to tell our readers why they should read your (and Cinder’s) story?

Prince Kai: “Because I’m charming.” (Not bragging, just a fact.)

Let’s just end on that note before I swoon (again) in print. If you haven’t picked up Cinder, run to the store and buy a copy or enter our giveaway here. Whatever you do, don’t miss out on this perfect blend of sci-fi and fantasy fairy tale.


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7 responses to “2012 Debut Author Spotlight: Q&A with Prince Kai

  1. alskdgj;aoisdj;aslkdfasf! I just started reading Cinder and it is Made of AWESOME. And I love character interviews, so you're basically killing me with squee right now, Stacey. Just sayin.' 🙂


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