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I read Eon when it came out in 2008 and waited the 3 years to find out what happened next and Eona lived up to the wait!  Eona is the amazing conclusion to an Epic Asian Fantasy that is full of action, heart and girl power.  I chose to put Eona on our BIR list because it’s so different from what I normally read and loved every minute of the adventure.  If you haven’t read Eon I hope this make you run out and snag it up!  You can read my Eona Review HERE, and check out Alison’s web page to learn more about her and Eon & Eona!

1. Book blurbs can sometimes make or break a book, but they are not always the best description of the book. How would you describe Eona’s story over the 2 books?

EON and EONA are set in a mythical medieval China where twelve energy dragons control the weather and specially chosen men called Dragoneyes commune with these spirit beasts to nurture the land. The two book series follows a young woman’s dangerous journey as she first disguises herself as a boy for the chance to become a Dragoneye then, once she has power in her grasp, to find the inner strength and wisdom to wield it against a terrifying enemy. It is a story about truth and lies, trust and betrayal, treachery and honor. But above all, it is a story about the seduction of power.

2. How do you think being Australian has impacted your stories and do you feel like you have to change things when you sell foreign rights to the US or other countries?

My first novel, Singing the Dogstar Blues, is set in a futuristic Melbourne (my home in Australia), and I had lots of dire warnings from people in the book biz that it would never sell overseas. But it did, so I have never really had any kind of negative impact regarding being an Australian author in overseas markets. Most of my writing is not set in Australia (or even in modern times) so my nationality never really comes into it. I have changed spelling for foreign markets, of course, and occasionally a word that may not be familiar to an audience (such as the Aussie term “doona” which is a comforter), but most of the time I embed the meaning in the narrative so even that is not required.

3. Now that Eona’s story is over, what are you writing now? Can we expect another amazing story from you soon?

I am so excited by my new project! It is a three book historical/supernatural/adventure series with the option of going into another three books if readers love the characters and concept as much as I do. I’m right at the end of negotiations for a major deal to publish the first three in the USA. At the moment I’m completely submerged in the research and having an absolute ball. Although I’m bursting with the news, I am keeping it under my hat until everything is in place, so please forgive the lack of details. However, it won’t be long now before I can talk about it all, so keep an eye on my website at www.alisongoodman.com.au or my Facebook fan page at www.Facebook.com/AlisonGoodmanFanPage for updates.

4. If you could visit any location in the name of research for a book, where would you go and what would the book setting be?

Keeping my new project out of the equation because I am, in fact, travelling next year to research the setting (I can’t wait!), I think my alternative location, and time, would be Elizabethan England and the court of Elizabeth I. There was so much skullduggery during her reign that it would be marvelous to experience the whirl and intrigue of court life.

5. What is the best YA book you read in 2011?

It’s actually one that is not out yet. I was given a book proof to read with a view to providing a quote for the cover, and the story was an absolute delight. It has a very original take on dragons, a fascinating setting and a terrific heroine. So, look out for Seraphina by Rachel Hartman.


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5 responses to “#BIR2011 – Eona by Alison Goodman

  1. I've had a copy of Eon for probably 3 years and haven't read it yet. I think I'll have to pick it up now that there is no wait between the sequel.

  2. This sounds really intriguing and one I haven't seen before. I like dragon stories, so I'll be looking for the book she recommends as well.

  3. EON and EONA are set in China? In Eona ( in the Author's Note) it says that The Empire of Celestial Dragons is not real. I am a little bit confused now.

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