#BIR2011 – Enclave by Ann Aguirre: Interview

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Enclave is definitely in the top 5 of my favorite reads this year. This book is about so much more than “fighting the freaks” it’s about a girl seeing past her prejudices and learning to live. You can read more about Enclave on Ann Anguirre’s website and you can read our review here.  Hope you enjoy our interview with Ann.

One of my favorite things about Deuce is that she is a strong female lead, but she doesn’t really understand that her “weaknesses” are what make her strong. Was it hard to keep her character straddling the line or was it easy to find that middle ground making her a fighter but keeping her feminine at the same time?

I wasn’t thinking about that when I wrote Deuce. She is who she is, and i was focused on telling her story. I suspect the fact that she feels real to me makes her ring true to readers.

Deuce is a huntress – she protects her tribe against “Freaks”. Can you give us some background info on Freaks – are they zombies, something else. Will we eventually find out what causes them?

I don’t answer questions that are book spoilers. And yes.

Enclave takes place in a very specific setting – was it easy to pick the city or where there a few choices you had in mind before settling?

Most of my research related to that city, including an excellent book by Jennifer Toth on the mole people. So it was natural to use what I had learned over the course of my reading.

Favorite YA read this year?

There have been many that I’ve enjoyed, but among the best are ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD by Kendare Blake and BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS by PT Michelle.

If you could visit any location in the name of research for a book, where would you go and what would the book setting be?

Cyprus. I’ve heard it’s very beautiful and incredibly romantic. With such a lovely backdrop, I supposed I’d have no choice to tell a passionate love story. *g*


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