If I Die Blog Tour Stop – Character Interview with Tod & Giveaways

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Tod is by far my favorite character in the Soul Screamer Series; he is funny and selfless and an all around great guy – even if he is technically dead. So when we were offered the chance to interview him for this blog tour, I was beyond ecstatic. Hope you enjoy getting to know a little bit more about the reaper. 

Some of our questions could possibly be spoilerish – so read at your own risk!

For anyone who hasn’t read the series can you give us a little info about yourself?

I’m dead. Not the walking dead (no rotting parts). Not the living dead (no light allergy or blood-sucking). I died the week before I turned eighteen and was recruited by the reapers, so now I reap souls from the dead for all of eternity. It sucks.

Was it love at first sight or did your feelings for Kaylee grow over time?

Who said I love Kaylee? What, a guy can’t drop in on his brother and that brother’s girlfriend with precision timing every now and then without people dropping the L-word?
What do you mean, I sound defensive?

What are your thoughts on this YA crush tourney thing? Obviously, you should have won – but some girls are blinded by accents.

I only care about one girl’s opinion of me. But I can’t blame the others for their interest. I like me too.

Do you read in your free time and if so what book/books would you recommend?

I like Thomas Hardy. Dickens. Stephen King. And Eminem. What? The man’s a poet.

Apricot Jam? Is this store bought or a family recipe- if it’s a recipe would you mind sharing?

Apricot Jam is available in limited quantities, to a select clientele. Many will enter. Few will win.

Knowing what you know now- would you change anything?

I’d go with the Skullcandy over the Sony earbuds. They fit better and they have little skulls on them. Sets the proper mood for a little soul reaping.

Oh, you were serious?
I would not change the results of anything I’ve done. But I might change the methods. Forever is a long time to live with your decisions.

Favorite pizza topping?


Favorite thing about Kaylee?

She’s fearless. Even when she’s terrified.

Biggest regret?

I’d tell you. But then I’d have to reap your soul, dispose of the body, hide the evidence, live with the guilt, and keep a secret for all of eternity. It’s a lot easier for us both if I just give you a mischievous grin and let you ponder the possibilities while you stare at me. ‘Cause we both know you’re staring.

Favorite movie?

Anything predictable enough that it doesn’t require the full attention of…whoever I’m watching it with. I like to multi-task.

Giveaway Time!!

We are giving away 2 copies(1-signed) of If I Die to 1 winner – 1 for you and 1 to share.  To enter stop by the Soul Screamers Fan Book Page and answer one of the following questions –

  • If you could spend the day with Tod, what would you want to do? (fans who’ve read the series already)
  • What do you think it must be like to be a Reaper? Would you want to be one?? (newer fans)
Your chance to win a Nook Touch! US/Canada only. Runs until October 8th. Gather multiple entries:
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Want even more chances to win?!? Oh sure!
Leave a comment on this blog +1 (up to 10 points if you comment at each tour stop)

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33 responses to “If I Die Blog Tour Stop – Character Interview with Tod & Giveaways

  1. Hey guys! First, thanks to the Page Turners for this awesome post and interview! I admit I'm team Nash but I do love Tod too!!

    For everyone regarding the giveaway:
    If you go to the Soul Screamers Fan Page you have to click on "everyone" to see the question posted there. It's posted by "Danny Kismet".

  2. I haven't read any of the series but I am following the tour. I hope to get my hands on a copy!
    Thanks so much.
    mary_reiss @ hotmail.com

  3. OH MY GOSH, I ♥ TOD! He's one of my favourite book crushes EVER and his answers just had me LOLing! Especially, "What do you mean, I sound defensive?" I really wish I could give him a million hearts. Though he probably has them anyway. ♥

    Awesome interview! 🙂

  4. Another author to add to my read list 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway. Put my answer to the question on the Soul Screamers Fan Book Page as requested. Off to check in for the nook. Thanks for the interview! Book sounds really good and right up my alley!
    -Dawn aka dawnmomoffour

  5. Debbie W.

    Hahaha Tod is so loveable. I wonder when he'll admit his feelings towards Kaylee… hopefully sometime soon. I can't wait for this release!! Thanks for holding the giveaway.

  6. Na S.

    Character interviews are always so fun to read. For a guy who is dead, Tod sounds pretty alive here. I also like pineapple on my pizza, although it's not my favourite.

  7. What an awesome interview. You asked the perfect questions! And I am so glad to hear that Tod is a Stephen King fan.

    Tod always manages to make me smile. This is my favorite tour stop!

  8. I haven't read this series yet, but after reading this terrific interview, I definitely want to!! Thanks for the chance to win a copy 🙂
    jwitt33 at live dot com

  9. The only book I've read is Reaper and I think it would be awful to take people's souls, especially if they were young!

    GFC: books4me

    books4me67 at ymail.com

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