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Title: Undercurrent
Author: Tricia Rayburn
Publish Date: July 12, 2011 EgmontUSA

The sirens are back, but Vanessa may be the biggest threat of all. . . .

Nothing has been normal since Vanessa Sands learned that her sister was murdered by sirens—femme fatales of the watery depths—and that everything she believed about her family was a lie.

Her boyfriend Simon’s been the only person Vanessa feels she can really trust. But now there are some secrets she can’t tell even him. And when Vanessa finds herself in the sights of Parker, Hawthorne Prep’s resident charmer, she needs someone to confide in more than ever. Doubting her relationship with Simon, unsure of Parker’s intentions—and of her own—and terrified by what she’s learned about herself, Vanessa has never felt so alone.

But personal problems must be put aside, because the Winter Harbor sirens are back for revenge. Now, Vanessa must face her past and accept that she is just like her enemies—every bit as alluring, every bit as dangerous.

The eagerly anticipated second novel of the Siren trilogy, Undercurrent is a seductive paranormal romance that will leave you breathless.

Oh Tricia Rayburn, how I adore you. I loved Siren but the sequel has left me a little speechless. Tricia not only explained the mysteries that were left unresolved in Siren, but she churned them around like the most dizzying whirlpool, and after finishing the last page, I feel like I still have very unsteady sea legs. What I love about the plot choices Tricia made is how quietly she brings the reader along until about half way through the book when the action keeps increasing and the pieces she explained earlier begin to fall into place.

Throughout it all, Vanessa maintains a credible point-of-view as she discovers her powers and the rest of her terrifying heritage is revealed. And then there’s Parker. I mean, Simon. Nope, wait, Parker. *sighs* Simon. Yes, it’s a love triangle but one that’s equally balanced and just when you think Vanessa’s choice is clear, one more fact is made known until MY only choice is to reach for a tissue as I close the book. You know that moment when you grab the phone and text “OMG, this book is so good that it stayed with me throughout the next day?” Yeah, I was completely and utterly there. Still am, perhaps. Well, a little.

It’s summer and if you haven’t jumped into the Siren series, what are you waiting for? There is no better time to contemplate what life would be like if you were in Tricia Rayburn’s dark, twisted salt-watery world. I know that I want to go back and read through it once more.

My Over All Rating:
5 large



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6 responses to “Undercurrent Review

  1. Great review Sophie! That text I received from you made me want to run out and pick up the book. I can't wait to dive back into Tricia's world. I'm taking my book w/ me to the beach next week.

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