Glimmer Review

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Title: Glimmer
Author: Stacey Wallace Benefiel
Publish Date: October 2010, Create Space

Zellie Wells’ life is changing. Her relationship with Avery is growing stronger every day, but their parents are still giving them ultimatums and trying to keep them apart. Her newly discovered powers have all but disappeared. Benjamin, another young Retroact, is back and has brought with him a painful shared vision and a troubled past. While working together to figure out what the vision means, Zellie discovers that Benjamin is a worthy friend and mentor. If only he could keep his hands off of her-if only she wanted him to…

I was excited to start the next book in Zellie’s adventure and I was not disappointed. Wallace has continued in a richly detailed story with twists and turns I didn’t see coming.

Zellie and Avery are testing the boundaries their parents have placed around them, Zellie’s mom is due to deliver the baby, Avery’s dad is still a ghost and Ben has sauntered into her life with his shared visions and more questions than answers, and he is cute. Especially since they now know the reason he is truly there and it isn’t to hurt her. They find they have to work together, all of them, if they are going to meet the newest challenge in front of them. Someone working close to them, in contact with Zellie’s family, is undermining everything they have been working towards and planting doubts in their heads.

What none of them know is that there is even a bigger threat to their lives and unless they learn to trust each other and their choices, they won’t survive. Zellie even discovers something about her vision of Avery dying and it isn’t what you expect. Will she be too late to rewind? She and Avery know they are supposed to be together and even being grounded from each other, they discover a way to communicate and who is unexpectedly in their corner.

There is great suspense, lots of action, and emotional upheavals I wasn’t expecting. All of the characters have to learn to trust themselves and each other. I mentioned in my review of the first book that I struggled with the dialogue and in this book, it was much improved. Zellie’s voice was so much stronger in this book and the dialogue was easier to follow. It wasn’t so stilted. I really enjoyed the book and am looking forward to the next novel. A word of warning: The language is more adult and there is more mention of sex in this book. Nothing over the top, but it is there and wasn’t in the first book.

My Over All Rating:
4 Large

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