Fractured: Happily Never After? Review

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Title: Fractured: Happily Never After?
Author: Joanna Karaplis
Publish Date: Mckellar & Martin, Fall 2010

Everyone knows a fairytale or two. They’re the kind of stories that seem to stick with you. Maybe it’s the magic. Maybe it’s the handsome prince. Or maybe they’re just the absolute perfect place to lose yourself for a little while.
But what would happen if Snow White were around today? Would Cinderella still need a fairy godmother? And would the Little Mermaid show up on YouTube?
Joanna Karaplis has put an unexpected spin on Snow White, Cinderella, and The Little Mermaid; she’s quietly fractured the stories and then reassembled them for the 21st Century. So, while there may not be a whole lot of horse-drawn carriages and magic potions, you can be sure that there will be at least one evil witch and maybe even a handsome prince (or two)…

These were three very fun stories. I enjoyed the fact that these were contemporary retellings without any magical or paranormal twists. The three main characters go through some pretty normal or at least possible situations and come through it on the other side with the help of their very human friends.

I think Cinderella was my favorite of the three. It stayed the closest to my childhood memories of the story, and it was just a TON of fun. It’s all told through blog posts and text messages, which make it a quick read  and kept you in the action of the story. It was just a fun totally crazy story that I think any girl would totally wish could happen to them. And I think that this story got the biggest part of what I like in the Cinderella story, that desire for the “prince” to be hunting to find you, to really show that brief encounter meant something.

I also really enjoyed the Snow White story, I thought it was a fun play on the story. It also fills the cautionary tale about be careful who you take apples from. The Little Mermaid tale was the one I related to the least. And I think this is because I just know the Disney version of this story and I believe Joanna’s “Cinderella” follows the Hans Christian Andersen story. And after reading the basic plot overview of the Andersen Cinderella, Joanna’s works for me; I understand the ending and I’m not going what in the world any more. Fractured (and the other fairytale retellings/re-imaginings) really make me want to go back and read the original tales. The stories have really changed over the years and many of these authors or harkening back to the original storylines and that’s something that’s lacking in my life experience. So with that I really appreciate reading Joanna’s Fairytales since they have now got me wanting to go back and read the originals.

And the artwork that is included in this book is pretty cool! Each story starts out with its own page with a picture of each girl. I really liked that added touch. It added a bit more to the overall experience for me.

My Over All Rating:

3 large(this should be a 3.5 but we still haven’t figured out a good way to make 1/2s yet)


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3 responses to “Fractured: Happily Never After? Review

  1. I've never heard of Fractured before, but it sounds so sweet! I love fairy tales, and it's so great to see people put their own spin on them. (And that cover is beautiful.)
    Nice review! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the review! I'm hunting down where to buy this one. (and you could always try a half-burned candle for the .5! Not quite sure how you'd do that, though…)

  3. This sounds great! I love fairytale "adaptations." Briar Rose, Beastly,etc. So this one is right up my alley! Thanks for the review.

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