Daisy Whitney Blog Tour Stop – Q & A Part 1

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We are SUPER excited to be hosting Daisy Whitney on the eve of the book birthday for her debut novel, Mockingbirds (it’s out November 2nd, click HERE to pre-order)!  Mockingbirds is one of those books that will stick with you for a very long time and leaves you wanting to learn more about these amazing characters.  I cannot wait to see what happens next to Alex!  To learn more about my thoughts on the book, you can check out my full review HERE.  You can also keep up with all the fun on the official Facebook page for the series and check out some cool videos done by Daisy as well as view the Mockingbird Diaries on the Mockingbirds Youtube channel.
A big thank you to Daisy for this Q & A – part 2 will post soon, where you can learn a little more about the lighter side of Daisy!

Describe The Mockingbirds the book in 3 words.
Empowering, brave, vulnerable

What was your favorite crazy Martin science fact/story and how did you come up with all fun info he knows, what research did you do?
I like his barn owl story best! My husband once rescued a baby owl from the side of the road so that was the inspiration for the barn owl story. As for the other stories, I have a colleague who has a PHd in neuro-science and wrote her dissertation on bird brains so she helped direct me to some of the science facts Martin comes up with.

What line from the book do you think best describes it?
“Justice doesn’t work like that. It doesn’t erase what happened. It doesn’t make you who you were before. I’m becoming someone else—someone else I’m figuring out how to be.”

The Mockingbirds is the first in a series of books. How many books will be in the series and can you give us an overall description of the series? Does the series continue to follow Alex all the way through?
So far, there will be a sequel. And yes, Alex will narrate that one and you will learn more about the inner workings of the Mockingbirds, as well as how she changes in the aftermath of the crime against her.

If you were a teacher at Themis Academy, what would you teach and would you attend all the student showcases put on for the teachers?

I would love to teach art history! I studied art history in college. I’d like to think I wouldn’t attend the showcases because I think it’s demeaning to the students to treat them like they are puppets.
And thanks to Daisy & Little Brown, 
we are giving away 5 copies of 
The Mockingbirds!!!!
This giveaway is open to those with a US shipping address only.  All of our other rules apply.  We’ll pick 5 random winners from the entries using this form. Contest closes at 11:59 pm central time on Sunday, November 14th.


We asked this question on the form: The Mockingbirds is inspired by To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, what is your favorite read that shows you how to speak up for what you believe in??  We’ll post some of your answers when we post the winners!
A Big thank you to Novel Noise for hosting this tour, you can follow it all on their web page HERE.

And some fun news, Daisy is donating a portion of all the proceeds from The Mockingbirds to Girls for a Change.  Learn more about them on their web page and learn more about what Daisy is doing in this short video:


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