Painting Caitlyn Review

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Title: Painting Caitlyn
Release: October 2006
Like many teen girls, Caitlyn is having a tough time. She feels ignored by her mother and step-father who are obsessed with having a baby, her best friend is always blowing her off for a boyfriend, and she’s struggling in art, her favorite subject. Caitlyn is completely depressed, when Tyler enters her life, and seems to make her problems disappear. Older, gorgeous, and totally into Caitlyn, he makes Caitlyn feel important, needed, and special. But just as things get serious, Caitlyn discovers Tyler’s jealous side. Once she realizes her “perfect” boyfriend is as controlling as he is caring, she is faced with a choice: she can either let this relationship define her, or find the courage to break away. This emotionally-charged story about teen dating and abusive relationships touches upon first love, sexual peer pressure, family dysfunction, and the need for young women to empower themselves
Painting Caitlyn deals with an issue that faces most teenagers, domestic abuse. Painting Caitlyn, is a very realistic story, Kimberly Joy Peters does not skirt around the issues. In my opinion, this is a book that every teenager should be reading.
Caitlyn is a bright young girl with a promising future. She is an only child, but when her mom and step dad “create” a baby she freaks out. Her parents had to use in-vitro fertilization, and with her mom’s age, everything quickly becomes about  “the baby”, which leaves Caitlyn feeling unloved and unwanted. Caitlyn can usually confide in her best friend, but lately she has been preoccupied with her boyfriend.  Classic example of how someone could end up in an abusive relationship – they want love and understanding, and the abuser is there to fill that role.

On an outing with friends, and feeling like the third wheel, Caitlyn meets Tyler. Tyler is instantly interested in Caitlyn and goes out of his way to show it. First relationships usually have some complications, but things start taking a turn, when Tyler wants to keep what happens in their relationship secret from her best friend. Throughout the course of the book Caitlyn and Tyler’s relationship will take a physically, emotionally and sexually violent path.

When Caitlyn can no longer lie about what is going on between Tyler and her; she will gain the strength to tell her parents and get the help she needs to overcome this relationship. 

As a parent this was a very hard book for me to read. Its a great book, but very emotional. It’s told from Caitlyn’s point of view, and you will witness the changes in her. You wish you could just reach out and give her some advice.

4 Large

Ten Warning Signs of Abuse

While there are many warning signs of abuse, here are ten of the most common:
  1. Checking your cell phone or email without permission
  2. Constant put-downs
  3. Extreme jealousy or insecurity
  4. Explosive temper
  5. Financial control
  6. Isolating you from family or friends
  7. Mood swings
  8. Physically hurting you in any way
  9. Possessiveness
  10. Telling you what to do

If you feel you are in an abusive relationship, or would like to learn more, stop by Break The Cycle – a website for empowering youth to end domestic violence.


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2 responses to “Painting Caitlyn Review

  1. Great review. Sounds like a deep, emotional read that's really quite hard to read, but definitely worth reading. Thanks for bringing it to my attention 🙂 P.s Love the title.

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