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Release: October 2010 by Lobster Press
Synopsis: In the sequel to the award-winning novel, Painting Caitlyn, it’s the start of eleventh grade, and Caitlyn is ready to forget the abusive relationship she was trapped in last year. Since breaking free of Tyler’s grip, she has put up a wall to protect herself so she won’t be hurt that way again. When an opportunity arises to go on an exchange trip to Quebec, Caitlyn wonders if this is her chance for a fresh start.

Fantastic follow up to Painting Caitlyn! I really hope Kimberly Joy Peters decides to continue Caitlyn’s story. She is a very relatable character who grows throughout the book. I would love to see how she handles the next step in her life.
At the end of Painting Caitlyn, Caitlyn has just ended her abusive relationship with Tyler – Maybe Never, Maybe Now picks up a few months later. Caitlyn has started school and with the help of her friends Ashley and Conner she seems to be doing well – but Ashley and Conner will soon be leaving on a trip to Quebec. Unfortunately something comes up and stops Ashely from going to Quebec, but with a little pleading Caitlyn is able to take her place and she is ready for a fresh start.

During her stay in Quebec, Caitlyn struggles with finding her place, she has a lot of things happening at one time; a new family, Conner wants to be more than just friends & a letter from her estranged father.  The family aspect of the story was usually comical. Caitlyn was an only child up until recently; she isn’t accustomed to sharing everything, including the bathroom. With all these choices, hitting her at once, Caitlyn decides to use some unpractical methods, to help her make up her mind.

Throughout the course of the book, Caitlyn is constantly second guessing herself, her relationship and others; with the help of her new family and her friends she will learn to trust again.

This was a wonderful read, I would recommend this to anyone who likes contemporary or has been in abusive relationship.

4 Large


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