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Carolee Dean decided to do something a little different for her blog tour. She loaded up her kids and took a road trip across Texas to meet up with Texas bloggers. Why Texas? Because that is where the majority of her book Take Me There takes place. 
On July 22nd I had the pleasure of meeting Carolee at the Blue Willow Bookshop in Houston. It’s a kid friendly, cute little bookstore, tucked away in a shopping center. I would recommend stopping by, if you are ever in the area. The booksellers are very helpful; they lent us a hand with our “Texas Trivia” contest. Did you know that Texas is the only state to have the flags of 6 different nations fly over it? They are: Spain, France, Mexico, Republic of Texas, Confederate States, and the United States.
I sat down with Carolee to discuss her Texas High school experience.

The summer before her sophomore year, her father started Seminary School. They left sunny south California, for Lubbock Texas. Where she attended Monterey High School. If one move wasn’t bad enough, her senior year… her dad took his first preaching job in Happy Texas. Happy is a small town, a very small town. The 2000 census counted 647 people.  In Carolee’s graduating class there were 23 students- 16 graduated and 7 started families.

During high school, Carolee participated in UIL where she studied Poetry Interpretation. She went on to be a state alternate, and received a scholarship. Poetry plays an important role in Take Me There.

After high school she decided to go back to Lubbock and attended Texas Tech, then transferred to what is now known as West Texas A&M University.  There she meet and fell in love with her husband. She did a lot of “firsts” in Texas, and that is why she chooses to use it as her setting for Take Me There. Plus, with the story content, Texas just seems like the right state to talk about death row. The Lone star State, is known for its execution rate. Does anyone know why Texas is called the Lone Star State? It’s ok, I didn’t either, it’s sad, that we had to look that up for a trivia question? Then I felt stupid because I knew the answer; it was its own Nation.

I reviewed Take Me There last week – but one thing I loved about the story were the characters. I usually get aggravated, because small town Texas characters are so stereotyped, but I didn’t get that with Carolee’s characters. The grandma is one of my favorite characters. To me, it felt like she was writing about a lady she knew, instead of making her up. I live in a small Texas town, and I could point out similar characters.

 Carolee and I(Pixie).

You can follow the rest of the tour at The Teen Book Scene!

Ok, now on to the contest!!!

Take Me There Swag!  
a tote bag, a necklace, and a deck of lonestar cards!
If you would like to be entered in the contest – please fill out this form.  
Make sure to stop by ALL of the blogs on the blog tour. Carolee has a huge prize pack to give away at the end of the tour. Each blog contains answers to the trivia questions she will be asking.
For information stop by The Teen Book Scene!

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