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We here at PTB are BIG Iron Fey (and Julie Kagawa) Fans and even BIGGER Team Puck girls (ok, Sophie is Team Ash, we love her, but, yeah, Pixie and Stacey are Team Puck so goes us, so goes the blog hehe), and when we got the chance to ask Puck some questions, we JUMPED at the chance!!! We hope you enjoy this Q & A with our favorite Iron Fey Series Hottie!!! 

We are two of your biggest TEAM PUCK supporters. What is it like to have such a big fan following?
Er, well, it’s not like its anything new, ya know? I mean, people loved me back when I was giving people donkey ears in dreams on Midsummer Nights. Strange, though; I’ve never been part of a Team before. Do I get a t-shirt?
PTB – Puck, we’re working on a Team Puck shirt for you!!!

If you could do one thing to show Meagan how strong your feelings are for her what would you do?
I would…save her from a psychotic Winter Fey trying to kill her! Oh, wait, I already did that. Twice. Well, I guess that just leaves flowers and a sappy Hallmark card, then.

If you had a cat as a pet, would you want him/her to be like Grim?
Um, is this a trick question?

What’s your favorite band?
My new favorite music is African Throat Singing. In fact, I’ve been practicing. Wanna hear?

What is your favorite thing to shift into?
It depends. I definitely lean toward a bird, though. That way I can fly over a certain Winter Prince and drop things on his head.

What’s your favorite modern day fairytale?
Afraid I don’t know many ‘modern’ fairytales, just the old ones. They should start re-writing fairytales like the twisted classics out now. Snow White and the Seven Zombies. That would be interesting.

What’s something about living in the human world that you miss most?
Chinese food. You just can’t get a good eggroll in the Nevernever.

If you could watch Ash sing one showtune, what showtune would it be?
Hahahahaha! Really? Awesome, let me think for a minute. Hmm, oh, I know: “Dancing Through Life,” from
Wicked. The poor guy really needs to let his hair down, ya know?

Thank you to Julie Kagawa and Puck for answering our Questions!  Pixie photoshopped the picture of Xavier Samuel – our Puck!


And now your chance to win! Julie is allowing us to make Iron Fey t-shirts!!!! We are in the process of creating the designs now, and wanted to give y’all a chance to be the first to have a Team ___ shirt!  (you can see our Full Cafepress store HERE and all proceeds from this shop go towards running this blog.)

So here’s the deal leave a comment telling us if you’d like a Team Puck, Team Grim or Team Ash shirt along with your email address.  We’ll pick one random winner on September 5th (so it ends at 11:59 pm central time on the 4th) from the comments.  The winner will get one of the Iron Fey Team (designs will be up soon under the “book stuff” section) basic t or tank top (under $20) from our Cafepress store.  And because of shipping, this a US only contest, all our other basic rules apply


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28 responses to “Puck from Iron King Q & A-TeamPUCK!

  1. THANK YOU FOR THIS INTERVIEW 🙂 It was so funny!

    I loved this question:
    What is your favorite thing to shift into?
    It depends. I definitely lean toward a bird, though. That way I can fly over a certain Winter Prince and drop things on his head.

    >>> I defiantly laughed out loud.

    I'm TEAM ASH though. So i'd want a team ASH shirt.

    Thanks so much 🙂

  2. TEAM PUCK HECK YES!!! Hahah I'm so in love with Puck! Actually I might be Team Ash so Meghan can have Ash and I can keep Puck for myself! But if I won I'd want a Team Puck shirt for sure! *crosses fingers*

    Great Interview! I love character interviews!

  3. YES! PUCK!

    I LOVELOVELOVE the reference to "Dancing Through Life" from Wicked! I'm obsessed with Wicked and "Dancing Through Life" is my favorite scene and song! And Fiyero is awesome!

  4. Ahaha! I just listened to "Dancing Through Life" and was thinking that it would fit Puck perfectly! I'd much rather hear him sing it, but, I have to agree, it would be priceless if Ash were to brake into song and dance. ^w^

  5. Hahaha! I almost NEVER read character interviews, but I had to read this one, for Puck, of course. I'm Team Puck all the way! The nice, funny, and loyal guy who's been there since the beginning needs to win every once in a while!

    stephxsu at gmail dot com

  6. Haha This interview was great! XD Puck is definitely one of my favorites though. :)I love this blog tour-thing you all are doing! Thanks 😀
    My only problem is picking a court for the bracelet drawing… X/ I shall figure it out, though!

    As far as the shirt goes, I guess I'd have to go with Team Ash! Hopefully you'll consider! X)

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