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Grimalkin or Grim is a character in Julie Kagawa’s Iron Fey Series.   He’s the not so fun loving cat that everyone loves! I you aren’t Team Ash or Team Puck (FYI, we’re Team Puck here at PTB, but more about Puck on Saturday), you’re Team Grim. If you haven’t read the first 2 books in the Iron Fey Series, Iron King and Iron Daughter, grab them now!

And now without further delay, we bring you our Q & A with Grim!

We know you’re “just a cat” but can you tell us about your family? Do you have any siblings or are you it in the Never Never?
Just a cat? Just a cat? I believe I am offended. And why do you wish to know if I have family, human? If I did, they would be of no importance. I am the only one you should concern yourself with.
If you could be anything other than a cat would you? And if so what would it be?
Other then a cat? What a ridiculous question. Who would ever want to be anything else?
What are 5 interesting non-spoilery facts about you that most people/cats/fey… don’t know about you?
You wish for me to divulge random facts about myself? Without a favor? I do not see that happening, human.  I am afraid you will have to be disappointed.
If you could live the rest of your life with one character in the Iron Fey series whose home would you reside?
If that ever happened, which it will not, I would choose to live with Leanansidhe in the Between.
What is your favorite thing about Julie Kagawa?
She does not ask me ridiculously pointless questions.
Are you a member of either the Winter or Summer court; how do you fit into the world of the Nevernever?
I am separate from either court. I am a wyld fey, neutral and uncaring of the politics between Summer and Winter.
What is your favorite thing to eat? (I hope it’s not babies, if you and Ash like the same thing, that isn’t good for the baby population of the world)
I am rather partial to freshly caught piske. If you can get past the stringiness and piskie dust, they are surprisingly tasty. (Also, I do not remember seeing the prince ever eat a baby, but then, I did not care enough to watch for it.)
If you could watch Ash sing one showtune, what showtune would it be?
It would be amusing to see if he could hit the high notes in Les Miserables’ Bring Him Home.

Thank you to Julie Kagawa and Grim for answering our questions! The picture of “Grim” is from moroka323 on  


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13 responses to “Grim Q & A

  1. I absolutely LOVE Grim! Amazing you got to do an interview with him 🙂

    I'd actually like to see Puck interviewed! Or Leanansidhe, I grew rather fond of her in the second book.

  2. Ha! Grim cracks me up.. which he probably wouldn't like to hear. I really hope we learn much more about him in the future. Since I've read THE IRON QUEEN, I can't wait to see what comes next from Grim. (He better help ASH!!!)

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