Beautiful Moon Giveaway!!

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You want ’em, we got ’em and we are giving them to you!  Two ARC’s one winner. Regular CONTEST RULES apply.

Ethan Wate used to think of Gatlin, the small Southern town he had always called home, as a place where nothing ever changed. Then he met mysterious n…more

Ethan Wate used to think of Gatlin, the small Southern town he had always called home, as a place where nothing ever changed. Then he met mysterious newcomer Lena Duchannes, who revealed a secret world that had been hidden in plain sight all along. A Gatlin that harbored ancient secrets beneath its moss-covered oaks and cracked sidewalks. A Gatlin where a curse has marked Lena’s family of powerful supernaturals for generations. A Gatlin where impossible, magical, life-altering events happen.

Together they can face anything Gatlin throws at them, but after suffering a tragic loss, Lena starts to pull away, keeping secrets that test their relationship. And now that Ethan’s eyes have been opened to the darker side of Gatlin, there’s no going back. Haunted by strange visions only he can see, Ethan is pulled deeper into his town’s tangled history and finds himself caught up in the dangerous network of underground passageways endlessly crisscrossing the South, where nothing is as it seems


Avery Hood is reeling from the loss of her parents–and the fact that she can’t remember what happened to them even though she was there.

She’s struggling to adjust to life without them, and to living with her grandmother, when she meets Ben, who isn’t like any guy she’s ever met before.

It turns out there’s a reason why, and Ben’s secret may hold the key to Avery finding out what happened to her parents…

But what if that secret changes everything she knows about–and feels for–Ben?

To enter you must fill out the entry form linked below. You are gonna have to work for these- so spread the word. The more tweets, post, sidebar links the more chance you have to win. No comment entries will be counted.
Contest ends Aug. 24th at 11:59 CST
~Pixie will be attending the Smart Girls Kick It Tour, in Houston. If the winner wants, she will get Beautiful Darkness signed(personalized) for you.

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127 responses to “Beautiful Moon Giveaway!!

  1. πŸ™‚ Great giveaway !! Cant wait to read Beautiful creatures. πŸ˜‰ and Low red moon sounds good as well … My kinda book …
    Katrina πŸ˜‰

  2. What a wonderful give away! Low Red Moon sounds awesome and I know that Beautiful Darkness will be! Beautiful Creatures is one of my favorite books! Love the world of Casters!!!

    Thank you!! πŸ™‚

  3. Jen

    This is an awesome contest. I'm super excited. This is actually my first time visiting this blog and I am glad I did. I absolutely love the design and look forward to your future posts.

  4. When I first saw the name of this post I was like hmm I wonder what this book Beautiful Moon is about! Haha very clever name for this giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win.

  5. Great contest! I really want Low Red Moon (I kind of already have a copy of BD, but a finished copy would be awesome)!!


  6. Just a reminder you have to use the form to Enter the giveaway, commenting just gives you an extra entry – that you have to note in the form.

  7. Thank you for the giveaway — I wanted to apologize for double submitting on the contest form — I ended up doing a blog post after submitting the form. I'm sorry for the headache of double submitting — next time, I won't do in pieces! πŸ˜‰


  8. Thanks for the contest. I can't wait to read BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS. Like some others, hadn't heard of LOW RED MOON, but thanks so much for putting it on my radar. Definitely will read it now.

  9. I haven't read "Beautiful Creatures" yet because i don't want to wait for "Beautiful Darkness" to be released before, so I am waiting.
    Winning this giveaway would be awesome, I'm glad it's opened to Canadians people πŸ˜‰

  10. Ack. I am drooling over the books! I might need a life jacket, or a life guard – whichever hugs me tighter :-p
    Love the name and the giveaway. Yay to you! πŸ™‚

  11. The small Southern town he had always called home, as a place where nothing ever changed sounds like my town.I would love to read about a curse that has marked Lena's family of powerful supernaturals for generations and find out what the curse is and how it affects the people in the small town.

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