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Welcome to the Team Puck/Team Ash Face-off hosted by Julie Kagawa
Julie is the amazing creator of these two wonderful characters and author of The Iron King, the first book in the Iron Fey Series.  First let me just say, if you haven’t read Iron King by Julie, GO BUY IT NOW! You can read our review of The Iron King HERE, enjoy a Q & A with Julie HERE, and watch the trailer HERE
OK now on to the fun stuff.  Julie wants to know where your loyalties lie when it comes to the two fey after Meghan’s heart.  Either with Ash, a Prince in the Unseelie Court who’s dark, brooding, cold and dangerous; or with Puck, the legendary prankster who’s playful, devilish, sarcastic and mischievous?  (Thank you Julie for the great descriptions!)  
As you can probably tell, we’re Team Puck! And let us tell you all the reasons why!!!  Pixie and I thought it’d be fun to try and come up with a reason for each letter of the alphabet, so here we go!
A – Awesome! Yeah, that’s right, Pixie’s 11 year old daughter says she’s Team Puck “because Puck is just Awesome!”
B – Brave – Yes Puck is brave! He risks everything over and over again for Meghan and he’s always right there at her side!
C – Charming – Puck has away with the charms! He can spin the glamour like no other!
D – Daring – He’s always willing to take a chance, for good or worse.  Puck goes at things 100%
E – Enigmatic – Puck is very much an enigma. He still has mysteries and things he’s holding back, makes him a bit of a tough nut to crack and what girl doesn’t want a bit of a challenge?  
F – Fool – he’s the court fool/jester for the Seelie court, so he can be quite entertaining!
G – Green – Puck has amazing green eyes!!! 
H – Humble – Even though Puck is from humble beginnings as a fool/jester he has come up in the world as one of Orberon’s most trusted servants. 
I – Imaginative – Puck can be very creative with his tricks and how he deals with situations.  You never know what you’ll get with Puck!
J – Jingoistic – Puck is nothing if not loyal to his court! He would defend the Seelie court against the Unseelie court by all means necessary. 
K – Kissable yes, who does want to just kiss this boy? I think he would be VERY kissable!
L – Long lasting – Puck is noted in several classic works including Shakespeare’s a Midsummers Night Dream and more recently was a character in the Disney Cartoon “Gargoyles.”  Puck is hard to forget meaning he wont be fading away anytime soon! 
M – Modern – Puck does just as well in the modern human world as he does in the Nevernever.  
N – Nerveless – Puck is calm and collected in the face of danger or crying girls! 
O – Oppositional, not going to hold back, our boy has a bit of a problem following the directions, but hey, it’s always in the name of a good cause!
P – Preeminent- TEAM PUCK FOR THE WIN! Yes, Puck is #1 in our book!!!
Q – Quickwitted – What more can a girl want – Puck is intelligent and resourceful.. He is able to make life saving decisions in the face of danger.
R – Robbie (what Meghan knows him as when she thinks she’s a normal human) is Meghan’s best friend! He’s been with since she moved to Louisiana.  They have a history he knows who she is outside of the Fey world. 
S – Shifter – That’s right our boy Puck can shift into a raven.  This is a very handy skill!!
T –  Trustworthy – Puck is a steadfast, trustworthy, and loyal friend.  He’s always got your back and lets very little get in the way of being there for those he cares for.
U – Unique – There isn’t another person/fey/magical creature…like our Puck, he’s a one of a kind and we like him just the way he is!
V – Valiant – When faced with danger Puck fought bravely, alongside his enemy to save the life of the women he loves.
W – Wonderful – Yes Puck is wonderful to us! He’s dreamy and the best friend and any girl’s dream choice!
X – Xtra ordinary – Ok yeah, I’m pushing it here, but still he’s Puck! He is amazing and fun and every girl’s dream, so he is xtra ordinary! 
Y – Yang – Puck is the Yang to Meghan’s Ying! 
Z – Zeal – Puck is full of zeal for life and Meghan.

Ok so I know y’all are Team Puck now right???  Well just in-case we couldn’t convince you, our co-Team Puck captain, Nicole over at WORD For Teens is also posting a fun Team Puck post up on her blog! And if by some reason you want to hear about the other person in this face-off, head on over to see Gail at Ticket to Anywhere and Erica at The Book Cellar.  All four of us will be hosting the same contest I’m about to share below!

OK, want to win a signed copy of Iron King AND a hand painted Grimalkin rock? Well here’s how!

To enter post in the comments why you’re Team Puck or Team Ash (if you are Team Ash after our amazing 26 reasons why you should be Team Puck, we wont chastise you or deduct entries, Team Ash people are welcome to enter too!), then fill out 


 One lucky winner will receive a hand painted Grim rock and a signed copy of Iron King.  All of our standard rules apply (read them all HERE).  This contest ends May 3rd at 11:59 cst.

And visit Julie’s web page to snag a team button to show your Team Puck/Team Ash Pride

UPDATE! Grim has kindly agreed to host this wonderful face-off! Stop by and read his wonderful commentary as well as learn about how Julie has sweetened the pot! The Grim amazingness can be found HERE


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66 responses to “Team Puck for the WIN! #TeamPuck

  1. Although I like Puck (a lot), there were some moments when I felt he could have been a little more sensative to Meghan, so I'm going to have to go with Ash, he's got that dark, brooding, romantic vibe going for him! 😉

  2. Sorry team Puck, but I am totally team Ash. I love that mysterious, dark, prince. I have a soft spot for guys like that. Plus the scene where Meghan and Ash danced together was when Ash really won me over!

  3. Oh, how could I be such a rebel to both the blogs I love — Mundie Moms and Page Turners?? LOL. I love Ash. Adore him. Completely. What an anti-hero with a sword. He's just…breath-taking and well, lovely.

  4. I honestly love them both but there is something about how Ash only opens up and shares his true self around Meghan…they're like soul mates!

  5. I am Team Ash! I just fell for him and the way he fell for Meghan – and yet is true to himself and who he is. I know this is going to be very difficult in the book to come! Not to bring in other heroes but he is to me a dark silver eyed version of Jace and just a bit like Damon in appearance.
    I could be Team Grimalkin – brilliantly done combining the fey with a cat's personality.

  6. *shouts* GO TO ASH! *runs away while throwing tomatoes* And why Ash, he sounds incredibly strong. Who doesn't want a man who drips fortitude!

  7. Just a reminder, everyone is welcome to enter the contest be you Team Puck or Team Ash (or Team Grim- Switzerland). Make sure you fill out the form to get entered into the contest!!! Also, there are 3 other blogs running the same contest and you can enter to win in all 4! see the post above for the links!

  8. Team ASH! I think because I tend to go for the more 'dangerous/mysterious' and Ash seems to appeal to me more.

    dawnafra at yahoo dot com

  9. Sonia

    I'm neutral. They're both great guys and I can't decide! I'm going to wait and see what happens before making my final choice.

  10. Whay :D

    I'm TEAM ASH! He's such a bad boy :). Don't get me wrong, I like Puck, though he's more of the lovable best friend type.

  11. I AM 100% TEAM ASH! he has that quality about him where hes not trying to make every girl fall for him. they just do anyways! hes tall dark and HOT! aside from the ice thing! and like Gale mentioned on her blog Ticket to Anywhere, Puck had plenty of time to fall for/tell Meghan how he feels. so ASH ALL THE WAY! now I do like Puck but he's just not the one for Meghan! he's a great friend…

    tweeted contest:


  12. *grumbles* Evil people making me choose over and over. Grim is going to punish me…

    Team Ash because of something Ash does at the end of The Iron Daughter that I can't go into because most people haven't read it. If you HAVE, you most definitely will know what I mean.


  13. Team Puck!*O* How can you resist him?! *_* He is sooo sexy! (And you've listed all the reasons why I love him!*_*)
    Thank you so much for the awesome post!

    Giada M.

    fabgiada @

  14. This is such a tough choice to make! But I have to side with Team Ash BUT Puck is a super super close 2nd. Love the A-Z reasons for why people should be Team Puck you all rock!

  15. Enemy territory again!!! *swords at the ready* LOL. Great post, and I love who you guys chose as Puck – good choice if there was a movie one day! I'll say what I said on the other blogs;

    Team Ash!

    Why Ash? WELL, there is a reason Puck is the best friend. He's cute and cuddly. That is why he is the best FRIEND, LOL 😀 Ash is smoldering, irresistable, dangerous and alluring yet somehow gentlemanly. Not to mention the mystery surrounding him and the "sweet" side he's shown Meghan once or twice! And the CHEMISTRY…well, even Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory couldn't concoct and experiment to match that! And THAT, my friends, is why I love Ash. 😀

    I posted a blog post here;

    And here;

    You can see my team Ash buttons on the side! 🙂


  16. Lia

    Team Puck because he sticks with Meghan through everything and he's funny and mischievous which I think is more interesting than brooding!

  17. Oh no!!!

    TEAM ASH in the house!!=)

    I love Ash because he surprised me. It was such a treat to watch him let Meghan in and I am sure there will be more to come. I know I will enjoy the journey!!=)

  18. Great points. While I have not had the chance to read the book yet. I have to admit I am leaning strongly towards Puck. I really have always loved the original too.

  19. Although I kind of understand why Ash is the way he is I'm team Puck. Puck is more straight forward with his feelings. He doesn't try to put up a ficade. Puck is fun and also protective and loyal.

  20. Team Puck for me! His love is pure and true. Ash doesn't even know why he feels what he does. Puck does and he would do anything for Meghan!


  21. I have the book in my room but I haven't read it yet! However, based on your descriptions, I think I'd have to say TEAM PUCK. He sounds like an amazing guy! Dedication, protection, sarcasm, and sexiness are hard to argue against 😉

  22. Marci

    Team Puck, because he's been there forever, is much more amusing than Ash, and because I don't think a romance with Ash would last, considering who Meghan is and his personality.

  23. I'm not gonna hate on Ash, but he's too brooding and moody for my tastes. I've so tired of moody men that I'm rooting for the prankster this time 🙂

    Though, I am Team Grim also lol.

  24. I'd have to say team Puck…. I have nothing at all against Ash, but it annoys me how in every book I read the "brooding one" is the one that gets the girl, if you know what I mean. Ash is Ash, Puck is Puck, both are them are perfect. Both of them are exteremly loyal and great in their own ways. I couldn't really imagine having a good time with Ash without it being romantic, with Puck you can laugh all you want, Ash is, well, BROODING x 10.

  25. Toodle.

    Why WOULDN'T Team Puck win? He's a positive, caring guy. Seriously, Ash reminds me of Edward Cullen.

    No, scratch that. He is a gay, sparkling fairy, who actually is a fairy.

    Yes, I have read the Iron Daughter. Despite what Kagawa made Ash do, I still prefer Puck.

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