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Posted September 28, 2009 by Pixie in Uncategorized / 7 Comments

~Current Contests~

Sometimes we forget to update this – make sure to check the sidebar!

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7 responses to “Our Contests!

  1. To enter the contests, please click on the links provided above. Each contest has it's own posts and only entries done according to the giveaway rules will be counted.

  2. Anonymous

    hey just wanted to know if there was anyway you had an idea if i can get these books in ebook format.. hopefully a freebie. i live like in this total wasteland where my parents wont let me read anything but their choices- which suck. so cn u hlp me out

  3. Hi flashlight_reader – i'm glad you enjoy our blog!

    Hi Anonymous – I understand your pain, but unfortunately most of the places you can get "free" copies of books are illegal and we don't condone that – But if you go to publisher web pages, there are some books there you can read that way, or check your local library – some of them are starting to get ebooks that you can check out like regular books.

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