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Hosted MizB from Should Be Reading.

Bran Hammbric is the first book from Kaleb Nation(aka Twilightguy). I did not realize his book was being released so soon, so I thought I would spread the word and use it for my Friday Find. I am hoping, I get to meet him when he comes to Houston, maybe get some signed copies to giveaway.


Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse
Bran Hambric was found locked in a bank vault at six years old, with no memory of his past. For years, he has lived with one of the bankers, wondering why he was left behind- until one night, when he is fourteen, he is suddenly confronted by a maddened creature, speaking of Bran’s true past and trying to kidnap him. Bran finds that he is at the center of a plot which started years before he was even born: the plot of a deadly curse his mother created…and one that her former masters are hunting for him to complete. Haunted by the spirit of his mother’s master and living in a city where magic is illegal, Bran must undo the crimes of his past…if it’s not already too late.


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5 responses to “Friday Finds

  1. I know! Amazon sent mine out early and I already got it. He's so awesome! I met him at TwiCon. He's hoping to come to the Book People in Austin. He's from TX!!!
    Let me know when he's coming to Houston. That would be a fun road trip. 🙂

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