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Posted August 16, 2009 by Pixie in Uncategorized / 8 Comments

Welcome to Page Turners. We are a multiple author YA review blog

We are currently updating our personal info – it should be up soon.

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8 responses to “About Us & Stats

  1. I love it ladies!! Great job. I look forward to visiting often and seeing great things done here!
    "Pixie" from TM's??? I remember that you were always so good at this stuff as a VM! I love the design. Looks fabulous 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Lauralee, Where are you studying to be a librarian? I'm in library school at TWU in north Texas.


  3. Anonymous

    hey just to let you guys know, Claudia Gray the author of the Evernight series has a new book coming out about werewolves on the titanis. It is a stand-alone book but it does not have a title yet. Jst thought i should let you guys know about the update I got from an interview thing.

  4. Hello. I am looking for a book club book for adolescent girls that would be appropriate (G, PG) for a school setting. It will be read out loud and needs to have conflict, and stimulate discussion. Any recommendations? Thanks. Connie Goldin, Mom to Madre, http://www.momtomadre.org. momtomadre on Twitter.

  5. Hi Connie, I would suggest
    Scones & Sensibility- G (young girl tries her hand at matchmaking and learns some lessons about meddling)

    Wings – PG – (Girl finds out she really isn't human but a fairy and has to save her human home in order to protect her fairy family.)

    North of Beautiful PG -(Girl struggles with being beautiful. She has a port wine stain on her face which makes her think she is ugly – the story revolves around her realizing she is beautiful) one of my favorite books.

    Lonely Hearts Club PG – (Girl gets dumped by her dream guy and starts a no dating club, that soon becomes very popular at her school. This is a very girl powerish story. )

    I have not read this one, but my 11 yr old daughter loves it, and it made the Lone Star reading list for schools for 2010.

    The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate

    Hope that helps.


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