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About Me:
I was once a busy executive mommy, but now I’m a SAHM with three kids and yes, one fluffy dog. Very different worlds, each one with their own set of possibilities. I’m lucky to have explored both sides. But all along, I’ve been a true bookworm. That hasn’t changed. I adore reading YA fantasy and am dabbling in writing it while idling in carpool lanes, swimming, scouts and ballet.

My blatant biases include: A well written Hot Boy with a Sword, the very best of chick-lit and anything that can fit the label 31 Flavors of Mr. Darcy.

Where You Can Find Me (click on the links for my accounts):

I admit that I’m a bit of a twitterholic.
Yes, I’m on goodreads.
Hey, I even have my own personal blog: allthingsequilateral

Where I Like to Play: Besides hanging out with the wonderful PT Girls, I also can be found at:

Mundie Moms’ Grown-up Book Reviews

Where You Can Contact Me: sophie(dot)riggsby(at)gmail(dot)com


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